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Accessory Kit Canon

Canon Camera 450D – If They Once Held In His Hand

Canon Camera 450D – Wiklich Makes It Fun to Make Pictures

It has now been a while since I’ve increased my Canon Camera 450D with the 18-200 kit lens) (before Christmas and now I have time to write something once a few lines here. I really do not know much about photographing and I am “newbie” but it really is quite simple if you have the courage and time to try something. I can recommend the Canon Camera 450D with the lens just any strongly. Meanwhile, I have already done so about 3200 snapshots and HQs without LIMIT ….

. . . then we are overjoyed. We have this feeling for a day and are absolutely delighted. With the Canon Camera 450D has been managed an affordable SLR – Digital build, has everything you need such as a hobby photographer to shoot unforgettable images. To the camera we ordered additionally we like a fast 8 GB memory card and an original replacement battery and therefore hopefully now well equipped to shoot great pictures.

To the camera:
Relatively light, handy, once terribly play around many buttons but after a while, one comes so gradually behind. The menu system is clear to cope without the manual is not very wide but up to the last detail. The casing is very solid and roughed up, thanks to the best Canon-handle () is the camera is great in the hand. Much could still positive to add here, but on the functions you can try to read smart at Canon.

The lens:

The supplied lens provides its service, but is expandable in every case and should not be the only one, because it is really only suitable for the shoot in between. Is added, that it is the kit at the cheapest version of Canon is for reasons of cost and has a plastic bayonet – not pretty, but continues. We even had us in advance already bought a macro lens, so that we can already begin more and the camera shows what you can do with all great – price was 1 year for 380.00 EUR.

In Packet everything is in it, what do you expect it. The verse cable, charger, battery (preloaded) manuals in 4 languages, including German and various promotional materials for a supposedly appropriate Canon printers, which one does not really need. And last but not least even the appropriate software is provided. So everything in there – unfortunately we missed a memory card to make at least a few pictures too. If you do not know, they say googling again and wait 3 to 4 days before we can then really get going.

Great camera – let’s see how it does in everyday life and what the camera in one years still can. I hope it creates something Canon halt the fall in prices, so you do not already angry Christmas that it has spent in May, yet 700,00 EUR.

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