Accessory Lens Filter

Accessory Lens Filter
My Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 is on the way (I hope) what accessories will I need?

I will be trying Macros, scenery, wildlife and every day family photos. No videos, I have a camcorder for that.
I live in the part of the world where there is snow on the ground 7 months of the year. My Cybershot P93A over exposes the snow on sunny days in Auto mode. I’m playing with Manual mode now but so far it’s been hit and miss, but I’m learning.
I will be getting a Camera Bag, memory sticks and a close up lens.
What else would I need and what filter or lens for those pics out in the snow? Good books?
Thanks in advance.

You should also keep extra batteries in your case as cold weather drains them very quickly.

Take a meter reading of your subject without any snow in the scene – perhaps closeup. Manually set your camera to maintain those settings. You can jog up or down your exposure as the lighting changes by just checking the results on your camera’s screen.

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