Adapter Canon Eos

Adapter Canon Eos

Xsi Rebel – Lived Up To The Hype

PROs: I am thrilled with this camera. After doing some research for a couple of months between this camera, the nikon d80 and the prestigious canon 40d, I decided on the XSi Rebel for my needs. Best overall price to my performance needs. Image quality is fantastic, even though the kit lens is at best, good. Going to purchase a 50mm 1.4, 70-200 4L, and a better walk around lens as soon as I get completely sick of the 18-55 IS kit lens, but for now its a good starter lens. Though I honestly think the nikon d80 and the 40d are better cameras for experienced and serious users, primarily I am loyal to Canon (best brand) and the 40d is just too bulky and expensive for me. I don’t need all the extra bells and whistles provided by the 40d at this point of my life.

If you want a light, easy to use and learn (for first time users), long lasting battery (about 500 images), nice clear LCD and fairly cheap price to performance ratio this camera blows out all nikons, pentax, and sony’s out there for the beginner/transitioning to intermediate shooters. I chose this camera over the 40d because its more suitable for me and most importantly I can use the price difference between the XSi Rebel and the 40d to get my 70-200 4L for free basically.

Cons: Again the common gripe over the grip, but honestly its not that bad if you have small to medium size hands. you will adapt quickly as the pro’s of the camera immediately mask any cons present. No better kit lens option out yet.

Fantastic lens for beginner/beginner-intermediate users as the vast majority of professional reviews have stated…

Note: Please get a nice memory card I recommend the 4 or 8GB Sandisk Extreme Iii (it’s worth the extra $5-10) or any SDHC that is class 6, save a little change for some other lenses as you will fall in love with this camera and will be compelled to buy more lenses, and lastly buy some decent filters as you will appreciate the image quality and protection they provide. the RC-1 is a nice accessory. I hope this was helpful for you as all the other reviews were helpful to me.

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