Adapter Canon Powershot

Adapter Canon Powershot
Canon Powershot S3 IS HELP!?

I just got a Canon Powershot S3 IS about 3 months ago and have been wanting to get a lens for it but I know NOTHING about lenses or the technical side of photography. I’m not looking to make a career out of it; I just really like doing it. I’d like to take a class eventually, but I just can’t afford to right now. So…. could someone PLEASE recommend a good “all purpose” lens or two!

And please do not say you can’t add a lens. If you go on the CANON WEBSITE and find the product information for the Powershot S3 IS it says you can add lenses. Here are the 4 listed:

Wide Converter WC-DC58A
TC-DC58B Teleconverter Lens
LAH-DC20 Lens Adapter/Hood Set
58mm Close-up Lens 500D

So between these 4, which should I get and why?

Technically, these are add-ons, not lenses. If you are serious about photography, consider purchasing a 35mm film Slr Camera. I know, it sounds insane; but it’s the most effective way to learn the fundamentals of photography. Before the days of a LCD monitor and a ‘delete’ button, people took great care in composing their pictures and getting the exposure right. Nowadays nobody even cares. Slrs can be easily bought for under 200. And then you can consider investing in lens.

If you must buy the add-ons, you’ll definitely need the lens adapter as that allows your camera to accept the filters and converters. The wide converter gives you a ‘wider’ image, best for panaramic, group, and landscape shots. The teleconverter extended the zoom at the telephoto range, drawing far-away object appear “closer.” The close-up lens is fairly self-explanatory; it’s for macro shots of small objects.

As to answer your question, the wide angle convertor, in my opinion, would be the best buy because it improves on the wide angle of your camera. The telephoto isn’t really as nessecary due to the fact the 12x zoom should be adequete in most situatuations. And the close-up lens? Really expensive. Better spent on a polarizer filter.

I checked the prices on the Canon website. the wide convertor costs $199, the teleconverter $149, and the close up lens a whopping $130. Really, that kind of money is better spent saving up for a entry-level dslrs.

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