Adapter Filter Holder

Adapter Filter Holder
How do I put Cokin A056 Star Filter on my camera!?!?!?

I bought my filter on, dare I say it, eBay. Its supposed to fit my A Series holder but for some reason I’m not getting it!?! It seems too big. I’ve looked online and it doesnt need a special holder (that I’ve seen) and they either come in A series or P Series and it is definitley A. This filter is circular, not the standard square slide. Does anyone have the same filter or know what I’m not seeing?

Oh yeah, I have a 52mm lens with a 52mm adapter ring and filter holder that attaches to the ring. Thanks all, I appreciate it!
It says A056 on the filter so it is indeed A Series
Got it!! There is a wider slot in the back that it slides perfectly through. It definitely helped being calm this time. 🙂 Thanks!

I have a P holder, so I’m not totally sure if this answer works for A holders, too, but I’ll try anyway:
My P holder has several slots (to stack filters), and strangely enough, they are not all exactly the same size. I have a round filter that will only fit in one particular slot, and even then, the fit is a bit tight.

Perhaps you need to be a tad less timid with it.

Good luck!

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