Adapter Ring Olympus

Adapter Ring Olympus
Hi, I have a Digital Olympus C-5060 Wide zoom camera. Could I can use it with the SLR lenses? Thanks?

I love to take a photograph & video for hobby

We have:
*MAMIYA/SEKOR 28-35mm AUTO 1:28 f=28m with HOYA 58(1B)
*PROMURA f=135m 1:2.8 AUTO
*POLARIS f= 70-230mm 1:45 Auto Zoom Lens, with HOYA 67mm (1A).

So which the Adapter or the step ring to plug in my camera? I don’t have much money to get a ProDSLR, so with any help or ideal will be Help me a lot, I am aprecial.


You can’t use SLR lenses in that camera. It is fixed lens only. You should look into DSLR cameras instead, however they are more expensive.

The only accessories available are Conversion Lens Adaptor:
“The Conversion Lens Adapter CLA-7 has been exclusively designed for the Olympus C-5060 WIDE ZOOM and C-7070 WIDE ZOOM Digital Cameras. It allows optional telephoto and wide-angle conversion lenses to be mounted onto the Digital Camera.”

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