Adapter Ring Tube

Adapter Ring Tube
Step up & Down Rings?

I have an Olympus SP 510 UZ camera and I bought an Adapter tube so I can use filters. The tube has 55mm threads. I just ordered a Wide Angle Lens with macro that fits 58mm lens threads and takes 62mm filters. I ordered a 58mm step-down ring to 55mm, and also ordered the step-up ring. To be on the safe side I got both,since their only 3.95 each. Will I get 2 rings that are the same.

No, the two rings will not be the same.

A 55mm-58mm step up ring is what you need. It will have male 55mm threads on one end to screw into your filter adapter, and 58mm female threads for the 58mm male threads on your Wide Angle Converter.

The 58mm-55mm Step Down Ring will be just the opposite. It will have a male 58mm thread to screw into a lens with a 58mm filter thread, and a female 55mm thread to take a 55mm filter.

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