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Difference within NiMH AA battery (between Energizer and Generic)?
I first bought some Energizer AA NiMH batteries and they are rate at 2500mAh then I picked up some no brand lime green AA battery that are rated at 2600mAh. The Energizer battery have the freight of a normal AA battery-operated, but the no brand batteries touch much lighter and do not seem to stay charged as long. What is the difference surrounded by these batteries? I thought the high the mAh the longer the battery should later

Differencet between 1/4″ speaker cable and shielded cable?
Whats the difference between a 1/4″ speaker cable and 1/4″ shielded cable (for guitar cord)? Is a shield cable want I want for general use beside instruments and stuff?

Different kind of amp head (Solid State, Tube, etc.)?
I am shopping for a new cabinet and person in charge, and there are different kind of heads for them, Solid State, Tube, and Hybrid. I hear tube is the best, but could someone recount me what each of these are? Like what is contained by the Tube/SS/ and Hybrid amps and what sound do they produce?

Digital Photo keychain?
i got this digital photo keychain past its sell-by date of ebay for my friends birthday and i want to put pictures on it for her, but when i plug it into the computer it won’t read it. the keychain is from hong kong so im thinking that maybe it’s resembling a different software or something? and it also didn’t come with a cd or anything that i can use beside it. and im kinda thinking i need a cd to put the pictures on it right? adjectives it came near was the keychain, a usb connector and directions of how to turn it on. any suggestions on what i might do?

Direct tv put somebody through the mill?
I used to have cox and my favorite tv station be abc family, but ever since i get direct tv all the shows hold been at different for example grounded for life span on cox was at 7:00, but on direct tv it’s at 4:00. I be woundering if the time was set for estern approaching new york or something because i live within california. If anyone now how to fix this please enlighten me and give me adjectives the details. Thankyou Only helful informaition please.

DirecTV users: Can you quash your service?
I recently switched to DirecTV. It concluded up being more than expected. I call to cancel it, but they said I cannot annul unless I paid an rash cancellation allowance.

DISH Network?
Does anyone have DISH Network if so how do you close to it? I have the standard cable from a company I am tired of because they angle their rates too often. Does anyone own any alternatives to the old style wired cable?

Dish washer code back?
My dish washer is playing up it is an ariston afa 400 and has the error code A05 displayed anyone know what this ability or have a pattern site that might help. It will spread and empty next to water but will not hose.

Do Duracell rechargable battery, after fully charging them, final for a month long short using them ?
If not how long do they really last ?? Are they available contained by Mumbai, India ? Are there any other similar products ? What is the price selection for a pair ?

Do dvds from england work on american dvds players?
If i were to attain a dvd from somewhere in England and bring it home to the states would it work on my dvd player?

Do i entail an audio cable if i use hdmi to dvi for my ps3?
my ps3 has no nouns sice i pluged in a dvi-hdmi cable so do i requirement a audio cable if so which sort? btw wats a digital out (optical) my ps3 has 1 but i dunno wat it is

Do secure battery bestow bad solid amps or do the devices hooked to the mobile draw the critical amperage
I am not talking going on for votage, i know that all battery have a definate voltage, but do unshakable batteries hold different amperage than others, or do batteries merely give sour enough amps for the appliance specifically hooked up to it needs, and within case of the latter, which battery give stale what amount of amps? All answers are appreciated and feel free to use as much tech-lingo as needed, although this answer may be notable, i am pretty tech-savvy.

Do they produce a remote for the Canon A520?
This way you don’t enjoy to run after you set the timer. Let me know!!

Do you cogitate the guy from brighthouse (T.V) would hook up my playstation 2?
The guys coming today and i was wondering if he might hook up my playstation. (Even though its not really his position?) How much extra would i have to pay packet? estimated. what do you think?

Do you devise that it is learned to buy a Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo player…?
or is it just a dissipate of money with Blu-Ray have won the format war? I see more and more combo players surrounded by stores and I don’t know if they are marketing towards the people that have HD-DVD players and are trying to at least salvage their DVD collection, or if the DVD companies are still going to be stuborn and stick near the HD-DVD format. DO you think that adjectives DVDs will go to Blu-Ray eventually or is the combo a better choice?

Do you expect consumer electronics are programmed to go wrong?
It seems that next to the advancements surrounded by technology, TVs, DVDs, iPods etc. should last a lifetime. There are no tubes anymore to slick, no big honkin transformers etc. I suspect that the very chips that control these devices are “programmed” to allow voltage spikes, or some other condition that make them fail so they must be replaced. Anyone agree? All it take is a counter and when the value hits a definite number BAM! Your device kills itself.

Do you hold to turn the volume up really loud to here a dvd?
Everytime i watch a dvd i own to turn the volume up to nearly 50 i have a samsung tv and video they are unsullied and still cant here the dvd however i did have impossible to tell apart problem with the ultimate tv which was also up to date any ideas whats wrong (i can here ok) various thanks

Do you ponder this is a apposite phone?…

Do you suggest that contained by 10 or 15 years it will be completely common for most individuals to own HD? etc?
I know quiet alot of citizens already do but in a while do you assume that everyone will? Like, you wouldnt even concider buying regular? Just like dvds and video cassette. Do you think citizens will have everything HD? -TV -digital TV pack -Blue Ray disk movies (/HD DVD) -computer screens -games consoles etc

Do you trust ?
I’m just wondering if it’s a honourable site, because the Cloverfield DVD comes out soon, and apparently the only mover of the Special Edition is… hmv! Big surprise! So, I’m just curious as to if it’s a trust-worthy site or not. Thanks for answering.

Do you turn stale from the D or from the appliance?
when you trun things off similar to the computer, TV, DVD player, radio, etc. do you just power them rotten, or switch them off from the switch or do you switch them rotten from the mains be there pluged surrounded by?

Does a 9 volt mobile shock you if you put your tounge on it?
Exactly what it says above. Thanks, my friends said it did, but they tend to exagerate sometimes…

Does a DVD player/Recorder exist that “sucks’ the disk contained by instead of have a disk tray?
Like the Wii or PS3. If it does exist , please state the name and model number.

Does any body know if this is true or not?
my aunt told me today that the apple store in the shopping precinct of louisiana is closed, she said they closed it like 3 weeks after they closed it…did they really or is she a moment ago trippen?

Does any one know?
Where i can get a HI8 MP 8MM Video Cassette Adapter? I know its resembling a 100 years old but i get rid of my camera and now I cant find an adapter. The adapter is similar to a vhs cassette that goes into a vcr and plays the 8mm cassette. I own video on there that vehicle so much to me and now i cant scrutinize it. My sons first Christmas, Marine Corps graduation, , and things like that. I hold tried Best Buy, Walmart, and right now i am waiting for Sony to carry back to me. If not after i hope someone on here can help.

Does anybody know where on earth to buy refurbished products directly from the distributer to some extent after a middle man?
Where can you buy refurbished products through the actual supplier. For instance phillips tv, but buy it directly from phillips

Does anyone enjoy a 8.5″ overhead TV/DVD player within their vehicle? And if so……?
does the size work well for you? I am getting one installed surrounded by my van for my kids and have the remedy to get a 8.5″ or a 12.1″. I judge the 12.1″ might be a bit big, but I also worry the 8.5″ might not be big satisfactory for the 3rd row to see well. What are you thoughts or experience?

Does anyone enjoy a traveler dv5060 Video Camera (seen surrounded by aldi)?
seen this surrounded by aldi sub lb100 small enough to transport on holiday but is it any good?? mobile life?, max. card size?, nouns quality?. take still pictures? any info would be appreciated good or unpromising.

Does anyone know a camera that have rechargable battery?
i am looking for a camera like this because i dont want to use alot of battery and i dont want to use alot of money for batteries

Does anyone know anything roughly speaking blue sunbeam disc?
I rented a blue ray disc movie, but it will not play contained by my dvd player. I have this model:… Do I own to buy a blue ray disc player?

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