Air Blower Cloth

Air Blower Cloth
Is there something wrong with my 2 month old Nikon D300?

I noticed there’s a tiny dirt on my 105mm so I decided to clean it eventhough im quite hesitant coz I’ve never cleaned a lens so delicate. I am petrified to ‘destroy’ my preciuos lens, at the same time, I dont want dirt to accumulate on it. So, I took the risk and borrowed a friends Lens Cleaning Kit consisting of air blower (NOT the canned), micro-fiber cloth (if I remember it right), and a liquid of some sort that comes with it. Before I started, I even read some tips/procedure on the net on the proper way of cleaning lenses so as to do it perfectly. First, I blow the dust out. Next, I wet the cloth with the liquid , gently wipe the lens and dried it with a dry fiber cloth, put back the lens cover. After a couple of hours, while I was taking photos of flowers in a flower shop, I was SHOCKED to see this one photo: while the image was captured in full, the lower half of it was in purple or violet. I was terribly shocked that I immediately delete it. Some say its d flashcard. HELP!

Could you take another–and post it to so we can see.

It should not have really affected the photo. Unless you smear it with Vaseline or something.

Did you have a UV filter to protect it? People will endlessly argue about the pro and the con of having a filter–and this is exactly the reason why I do–to protect it.