All Weather Camera

All Weather Camera
What is the best All Weather Digital Camera?

My camera was just stolen so I need to buy a new one. I do a lot of outdoor activities like snowboarding so I need a durable camera. It would also be cool to get one that can shoot underwater because me and my dad are getting into scuba divng. I would prefer a camera with movie mode that records sound as well.

for sure the Olympus Stylus 850 SW
it is an AMAZING little digital camera! it is shock-proof for about 5ft, it is waterproof upto 3m (so u can use it underwater. if you buy the special case, then you can use it up to 40m underwater) and it will work well in really cold conditions (about 14F or -10C)
it takes good movies and pictures with pretty good quailty and it has TONNES of easy-to-use features and setting so you can make the lighting and colours in any situation awesome
I actually own one of these in the blue colour…i love it!

check it out on:

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