Alpha Dslr

Alpha Dslr
I have finally decided to get the Sony α (alpha) DSLR-A200 Camera Body +18-70mm Zoom Lens.Is it a good choice?

I am not a professional photographer but I want to take professional quality images at low price…
I am a college student and I am a fan of Photoshop and Light Room and I love photography very much…
I do not want to go with Canon Power Shot and Nilkon Coolpix as they are point and shoot’s and they do not have RAW support as well…
I also heard that nikon and canon makes DSLR’s that cost more than $600
But my budget is $500
Is it worth getting the Sony Alpha A200
I have this doubt because professional photographers don’t recommend Sony Alpha Dslr‘s…

You will be well served by the Sony A200. You’ll quickly learn to appreciate the in-camera image stabilization which Canon and Nikon lack. What this means is that any lens you use will have the benefit of image stabilization while with Nikon and Canon you have to pay extra for it when you buy a lens – and not all of their lenses offer the image stabilization feature.

Every legacy Minolta Maxxum AF lens made since 1985 is compatible with your A200. Tokina, Tamron and Sigma all offer lenses for your A200.

Buy the A200, READ & STUDY the Owner’s Manual and have fun with photography. Ignore anyone who tells you your camera isn’t good enough. Professional photographers use Pentax, Olympus, Nikon, Sony, Canon, Hasselblad, Leica, view cameras, twin lens reflex cameras, etc., etc.

There are no professional cameras.
There are professional photographers.

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