Aluminum Camera

Aluminum Camera
Should I switch to a Mac?

I need to get a new laptop. I currently have a Dell Latitude D600 and within the past 6 months, I’ve had to get the software fixed 3 times, and another time by myself at home. The battery life is absolutely terrible. I’ve got my eye on a new aluminum MacBook because it has camera and video editing software (things that I need) and I really need something better than this. So, any thoughts? Warnings? Suggestions?

Why don’t you find a Mac (at a friend’s house or in an Apple store) and play around with it? If you like it and have the money for it, buy one.

If you don’t like it or don’t have the money for it, buy a Windows computer. Most of the ones being sold now have cameras in them, and you can get free video editing software, too:

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