Aluminum Digital Camera

Aluminum Digital Camera

Nokia Cell Phones: Taking Camera Phones To The Next Level With Nokia 6700 Slider

Nokia Cell Phones has flipped our original idea about camera phones around with their new phone, the Nokia 6700 Slider. Rather than going the route of smartphone and getting in on the heavy competition with that market, Nokia Cell Phones instead decided to get a choke-hold on the camera phone industry.

While the camera has been integrated into phones regularly for the past few years it is rarely the feature of the phone and instead it is usually considered just an addition. Enter the Nokia 6700 Slider. This phone has incredible camera features. Ok, so the 5 megapixel camera isn’t the best on the market right now. However 5 megapixels will get the user mid-level Digital Camera shots every time, and that’s not bad. Shooting video is also available, with users being able to capture action at 15 frames per second. But best of all is the editing capabilities that come along with the Slider. It allows user to edit the pictures from the phone before uploading them! And with the 3G connectivity, the uploading is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

In addition to the wonderful camera features of this phone it also has a rich feature set with more standard capabilities. These include an FM Radio and MP3 media player, a 2.2 display screen, 26 hours of music play back, 4 hours of talk time, 300 hours of standby time as well as Bluetooth capabilities. It also includes easy video and picture sharing and comes in six different colors with aluminum finish. These include Pink, Purple, Aluminum, Red, Petrol and Blue. It is also the remarkably compact size for such a powerful device that makes it so attractive. No worries about fitting this guy into the tiniest of pockets.

Yes, the camera phone ought to be explored more thoroughly in the market these days with so many choices and everyone wanting a smartphone. It should not be a feature that is taken for granted and just slapped onto every phone. Instead it should be well thought out with good functionality and creative features. I have a camera built into my phone but it is old technology and yet I still use it. Now, if I had a good camera phone then the things I’d be able to capture would be astounding. I like where Nokia Cell Phones is headed, by exploring the smartphone route as well as others like the camera phone, they seem to be positioning themselves to be dominate in all categories.

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