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Angle Conversion Lens
Graduated Neutral Density Filters – which one?

I have decided on purchasing the Cokin P Slim Filter holder (is this a good choice?) that can be used with a Wide Angle Conversion lens as well as my fixed zoom lens but what filter to buy? Money is an issue so I definitely cannot afford a Lee filter. I am wondering what is a more affordable option while still maintaining quality. From what I have read the Cokin filters aren’t the greatest – or are they? Has anyone heard of Fotodiox? From the price I have to think they may not be of the greatest quality either. I definitely want to go with the rectangular rather than round filter. Also, which would be more versatile to start out with – a 2 stop or a 3 stop gradation (if that is even the right terminology)? I would really appreciate some thoughts and/or guidance on all of this.

A two-stop (4X) soft edge ND is often recommended as a good one to start with for shooting landscapes.

The Cokin P-series is reasonably priced and works reasonably well. The main complaint with the Cokin filters is that they are Graduated Gray (!) and not Graduated Neutral Density, so they will have a very slight colour cast. You’ll have to try it and see if it bothers you enough to buy the Lee filter! 😉

The P121M (2 stop soft edge) is a good one to start with to get the feel of using a grad. Then you might want to add a P120 (1 stop soft edge). Remember that you can always stack a one stop and a two stop to get a three stop if you really need it.

BTW, if money is really tight and you are shooting digital you can also take two photos: one exposed for the sky (bright part) and one exposed for the shadows (two stops down) then combine the two in Photoshop to get the same effect without filters.

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