Angle Lens Adapter

Angle Lens Adapter

7 ways to get the most out of your old Digital Camera

Newer Digital Cameras may allow faster exposures, large prints, taking pictures with more megapixels, and an increase in photo opportunities with better zoom capabilities. While new digital cameras seem to be released each month, worrying the economy today may not be possible to take advantage of these technological advances.

Although it can be frustrating when you can not buy new digital cameras, consider this: they have actually taken advantage of what you own? There are ways to take better pictures with your digital camera more requiring a minimum age or no cost. In fact, here are seven of them.

1. Photo Quality is not all about electronics

While Advanced electronics are great and can help amateur photographers take better pictures, there are some principles in the picture remain the same no matter what the digital camera you use.

Experiment with the composition – look around your environment to different angles, natural settings, and the details you may have previously neglected. Try adjusting the lighting to take pictures outdoors in different times, especially at dusk and dawn. When possible, move existing lighting on interior to allow clearer, more brilliant shots.

2. Cleaning the camera

Dirt and stains can ruin your photos, regardless of whether the camera is a compact under $ 100 or a Slr Digital several thousand dollars. Safely clean your lens with a brush air of the camera, lens cleaner, and / or other appropriate cleaning equipment. Clean the LCD screen and / or in the viewfinder to make it easier to see when pictures they compose. If you are using a dSLR, consider taking your digital camera to a local digital camera store to get a professional sensor cleaning. This can help remove dirt and stains that can appear in the photos, especially when taken with f/22 f/16 aperture as o.

3. Camera constant

If you can not receive vaccines for use in low light situations without noise or blurred vision, connect your digital camera to a monopod, tripod, or other stabilizing device when allowed. This should allow you to take photos at lower ISOs and allowing clearer images with less noise.

You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars for a top-of-the-line model, it is sufficient that you buy is sturdy. However, in some situations it may be possible to stabilize the digital camera just put it in a bean bag on a sturdy!

4. Really Cheap Photo manipulation software

Can not afford Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, Corel Photo Paint oo Paint Shop Pro to edit your images? There are a few completely free alternatives that do much of the same functionality, which lets you adjust tone curves, sharpen images, substitute strategic issues, and more. These include GIMP (available for multiple platforms) and Paint.Net (for Windows).

5. His false megapixel prints

Just need a couple of megapixels of detail in your photos to create larger prints? You may wish to consider software packages such as Alien Skin Blow Up or Genuine Software onOne fractals. These programs intended to support more realistic image resizing which software can be found in the above or even more expensive applications. Note that their experiences these applications may vary.

6. Lens adapter

Some digital cameras are compatible with lens adapters, allowing you to connect a telephoto or wide-angle lens of his camera. This may be a less expensive way to increase your ability to zoom against spending money on a whole new camera.

For example, the Canon Powershot Pro Series S5 is (or depending on when you read this article, was) an eight-megapixel camera with 12x optical zoom. With an adapter lens, you can attach a teleconverter lens increases the focal length of approximately 1.5 x, change the initial maximum telephoto zoom of 432 mm (35 mm film equivalent) one of approximately 648mm. Of course, in these situations zoom is almost certainly need a tripod or other stabilizing device.

7. For Those Who dSLR, Change the lens

If you're using a digital Slr Camera, you have a better option since it can completely change the lenses instead of investing in a new camera body. If you have a little more money, you may even want to spend money on a lens with a larger opening, which lets you take pictures faster in low light without introducing noise. In some situations, may actually take better pictures of the shot with a Digital Slr camera more megapixels with a slower lens.

newer digital cameras that always occur, but our revenues may not always coincide with our desires. Instead of restless by the new digital camera you can not afford, think about how you can take advantage of the camera you already have. Learn more about the basics of photography, keep your digital camera clean and constant for more impressive pictures. Free or low cost of implementation of image manipulation, and consider purchasing High quality image resampling software instead of plunking down money for a camera with more megapixels. A lens adapter can be all you need more support wider or narrower with a camera zoom prosumer and digital SLR for those with a replacement lens may allow you to take better photos than if purchased a whole new digital camera body. With these ideas of low cost and free, you get the most out of your current digital camera without having to spend money on the "last and bigger. "

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