Angle Lens Jvc

Angle Lens Jvc
Whats the best fish Lens/Wide Angle Lens for skateboarding?

For a 30.5mm Video Camera (JVC Everio GZ-MC200)
im not sure even if it needs a 30.5mm, but i think so.
Just wondering also how to measure i fish eye, like not the measurements to screw it in ETC but how to tell how good it is, how much extra space it gives you, thanks.

Well it all largely depends on your price range really.
A way to check what size it needs is on the existing lens there may be a circle with a line through it followed by a number such as 30mm. If not i advise you check the manual that came with it.
Opteka do some very nice lenses from $39 (£20) all the way up to the more professional ones at around $400.
The easiest way to ‘measure’ the space is simply by how much it costs, you can be certain that the more expensive they are, the better the captured space size and quality.

JVC HD320 Demo Opteka 0.43x HD2 Wide-Angle Indoors 5Mbps