Anti Reflection Screen

Anti Reflection Screen
I have problems with my eyes getting strained when I work on my computer. I’m almost always squinting, even wh

I’m almost always squinting, even when I’ve lowered the light intensity on the screen. Obviously, I need anti-glare glasses. But are anti-glare glasses the same thing as anti-reflective glasses. Because I thought anti-reflective glasses were just supposed to stop the reflections on the glasses from appearing, like when watching television in the dark (more of a superficial thing). But does it also help with the glare? I can’t seem to find an anti-glare option, besides tinted glasses and I don’t want tinted glasses.
I’ve done all that. What about my glasses? Besides, I have a laptop that I carry around with me.

Yes =) you are right. Anti-glare and anti-reflective lenses are the same thing. What it basically does is that it reduces glare from all sorts of lights and reduces eye fatigue caused by fluorescent lights and computer screens, which is what your needing. Most brands such as Crizal Alize let up to 99% of light through your lens so you see more detail, sharper images, and everything more clearly.

When your out and about trying to get a pair of anti-reflective glasses, make sure that the anti-glare coating is baked on the lens rather than taking the lens and dipping it on the coating. There are hundreds of different brands and different procedures, so make sure you choose the right one. The brand I absolutely love the best and outsells all is Crizal Alize with clear guard. It has a two year warranty against scratches, easier to clean, less smudges, hydrophobic so that water will run through without leaving a mark, and the coating is baked on the lens =)

Having anti-glare coating on your lens will definately eliminate your squinting and straining your eyes when you work on your computer. It’s definately a great thing to have!

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