Armor Protective

Armor Protective
Is it possible to make US Armor, more effective against IED’s?

Are the new Cougar(armored Humvee), Stryker (APC with protective gridirons) and M1 Abrahms with DU Armor Plate, going to be invinceable?

No armor is invincible. There is always something you can do with explosives to get through armor. However, the v-shaped hull is very effective, it deflects the blast rather than absorbing it so less kinetic energy is transferred to the occupants. DU or tungsten is effective in that it is a harder material than steel and makes the armor more difficult to penetrate (still not impossible) with a shaped-charge. The wire grid helps against RPGs in that it causes the warhead to detonate with the wrong amount of stand-off, thus decreasing penetration. Reactive armor (armor that detonates when hit) also can foil a shaped charge by changing the way the “jet” is formed.

(look up: shaped-charge, explosive cone, Miznay-Chardin effect, sabot, and explosively formed projectile, these are the ways that armor can be defeated, and are pretty cool.)

The new armor will be much more effective against current IEDs but the insurgents adapt the same as we do and their devices will become more lethal as we develop better defenses. The trick is to stay one step ahead.

PS: the Cougar is not an up armored HMMWV it is one form of MRAP [mine resistant, ambush protected] vehicle) It is made by a different company and is much larger, it will work well in Iraq, but the terrain in Afghanistan will make it largely useless, the center of gravity is much too high and the wheel base is too wide.

We use a JERRV (special MRAP for EOD guys) out here in Afghanistan and it causes us no end of trouble. Makes you feel safe inside it though, wish we could take it off the road without getting stuck and rolling down hills.

Star Shield Armor protective film