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Artisan Artist
Artists and deviant behavior?

Since the begining of recorded history there’s been a link between artists and deviant or nonconformist behavior.I’ve been a musician since the age of 14 and an artisan in the high end building trades for over 20 years.Explain your thoughts or speculation as to why artists fall into these categories as I know that myself and virtually all of the artists I’ve ever known do.
Thanks,but no I’m not looking for subversive.The syntax is axactly as I intended.Deviant is a far reaching term and describes one of the things I’m looking for.
I won’t help you with your contextual misgivings Ashley,but here’s a little deviant behavior exhibited by a very famous artist.

It took a little longer but here is…
It is a pure Love and hate relationship you cant stop.
Call it an obsession, with admiration and success, when it is in the end, all your work that matters. To strive for acceptance is not worth it’s pursuance, but it doesn’t hurt getting it. Actually I don’t like my Work sometimes, because it wouldn’t feed the admirers Cat. There are certain things in which mediocrity is intolerable and this is a curse by itself.
But you keep on going without question it, and when you do, don’t look for other peoples input, then yes you’re deviant in spite of it.
But sometimes you’ll blow em away with it, that’s the moment I cherish.

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