Auto Extension Tube

Auto Extension Tube
Minolta Lens Compatability?

Does anyone know if these lenses would be compatable with a Minolta DSLR like the Maxxum 5D? I have an opportunity to buy them. They are being sold with these cameras. Thanks.

Minolta SRT101 (SLR) (match-needle metering)
Minolta XE-7 (SLR) (features auto exposure, exposure override, double exposure provision, and the Copal-Leitz vertical travel shutter)

Spiratone: 20mm SUPER WIDE (f/2.8 – 16)
Minolta MC W. Rokkor: 28mm WIDE (f/2.5-16)
Minolta MD Rokkor X: 50mm NORMAL (f/1.8 – 16)
Minolta 50mm MACRO (f/3.5-22) complete with extension tube
Minolta MD Rokkor X: 58mm NORMAL Large Aperture (f/1.2 – 22)

Minolta 28mm-85mm ZOOM (f/3.5-22)
Minolta MD Rokkor X: 85mm TELPHOTO/PORTRAIT (f/2.0-22)
Dimension 135mm TELEPHOTO (f/3.5-22)
Minolta 250mm MIRROR TELEPHOTO (f/5.6)
Tokina 80mm-200mm ZOOM (f/4-22)

The good old Minolta MC and MD lenses are only compatible with Minolta manual focus film cameras. That is why they are available so cheap.

Remington semi-auto ALL 11shells at once!!!