Auto Extension Tube

Auto Extension Tube
what do you consider trashy?

for a girl: the one that wears clip on extensions from claires, has too-tight shirts that say “PRINCESS” or “BABY GURL” on them in rhinestones, has a bad perm or hair that is so gelled its stiff to the touch, wears tiny tube tops and short shorts even though she has no butt and a muffin top, and wears too much makeup that is smudged and fake looking. screams at girls in the grocery store that “be gettin too close to my man ho!”

for guys – basically wearing most things that kevin federline wears, not having teeth, driving around a really crappy car that you tried to pimp out with things from the Walmart auto section, hitting on high school freshman girls
if you are really getting that pissed about me asking this, its probably because I just described you 😉

For girls, showing skin in a distasteful way and basically going overboard with products of any kind.

50mm 2.5 review, sorta