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Auto Focus Zoom
Auto Focus on Nikon D80 with 18-135mm kit lens doesn’t work?

I have a Nikon D80 with 18-135mm kit lens. AF stopped working after about 6 mos. (i.e. cannot take picture) and only works at low zoom or if I MF the lens first. It pretty much never works at 130mm zoom. Could it be a camera setting or lens/camera defect? Any thoughts?

Just to get it all clear – there are two auto/manual focus switches, that both need to be on auto. One on the camera body, another on the lens itself. If they are both on auto, and your camera/lens is still in a warranty period (should be after 6 months), call Nikon and see what they say! It sounds like a lens defect to me, but to check it – you’d need another AF lens to mount on the camera and see if it works or not.

One more side note – you know that touching the focusing ring on the lens will override automatic focus and throw the camera into temporary manual focusing mode. May yours be a bit loose, so that at telephoto range it sort of wiggles, triggering the camera to go to manual without your intent? In any case, I think it’s time to call Nikon and see if they would be willing to take care of this issue for you.


P.S. Are you using any filters? Polarizer? ND? Etc? They may also cut camera ability to auto-focus. Especially ones that eat a stop or two of light (like ND, or polarizer at right angle, because camera need to see decently bright image to focus, and at long telephoto, where lens is close to f/5.6 naturally, if you eat more light by filters, it may just quit because of that), but also linear polarizer may completely throw AF off, you don’t want one of these on your camera…

P.P.S. is the lens clean? What about camera mirror? I hope you never touched it, or tried cleaning it, etc?

Ysa Ferrer – Last Zoom (Auto Focus Dou²s Remix Club)