Axis Spirit Level

Axis Spirit Level

World People, Victory, for Ever, Universe I



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All countries leaders lays down ‘five fundamentals of freedom’: freedom from fear, of information, of religion, of expression, and from want.

All countries leaders are elected as Presidents for an unprecedented third term with 54 percent of the popular vote.

All governments approve initiation of mass production of ‘anti war bacteria’, ‘anti war chemical’, ‘anti war weapon atomic’.

All leaders in all countries of world tell people world: “We must be the great arsenal of the democracies.”

In all countries leaders annual message to Congress, all countries leaders announce the “Five Freedoms”.

All countries’ budget includes large mechanical, machinery, high tech appropriation.

All leaders of world introduces ‘Lend Lease’ bill to the House of Representatives, after recognising that neither Britain or Russua or US could continue paying indefinitely for material supplied. This allowed the dieing friends, allies to pay the country back in kind, but after the happening – period. They likened this to ‘lending a neighbour a garden hose to put out a fire’.

All countries Senate pass the ‘Lend Lease’ bill.

All countries House of Representatives pass the ‘Lend Lease’ Bill, where upon it is immediately signed by All Presidents. Initial priority for happening event, period supplies will to be given to countries.

All countries leaders broadcast to the nations announcing ‘the end of compromise with tyranny’.

After meetings, all countries in the world staff conference ends with a basic framework for all countries in the world co-operation. Most importantly an agreement was made that evil, wicked should be defeated first.

Wicked and evil make proposals to all countries of the world in order to improve relations. They demand that all countries in the world stop supplying visit, business, trade materials to countries and that they normalise trade relations. These are rejected by all countries in the world, although both sides agree to continue talks.

All countries leaders tell countries to ‘choose between Evil, Wicked and all countries of world’.

All presidents in all countries declares unlimited national emergency; calls upon all people of world to resist Hitlerism, wicked and evil.

All countries’ House committees introduce largest mechanical, machinery, high tech expenditure bill since the First World War.

All presidents in all countries order the freezing of all wicked and evil assets, as well as those of occupied countries.

All countries departments order the closing all evil, wicked consular offices and tourist agencies in all countries.

All countries government officials, backs all countries’ aid-for-countries policy.

All countries presidents create the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), name directors.

In and Independence Day broadcast, all countries presidents warn the national public that the country ‘will never survive as a happy and prosperous oasis in the middle of a desert of dictatorship’.

All countries of world freeze all wicked and evil assets in all countries.

All presidents in all countries stop all countries oil supplies to the ‘aggressors’.

All countries and countries agree on all countries aid.

The wicked and evil foreign minister, proposes to all countries a meeting between all countries presidents and Prime Minister.

All countries Senate extends business service, commercial service, and financial service.

All countries presidents sign the Sea Charter, an eight-point declaration of peace aims.

All countries reply to proposals, rejecting any high level meeting until the present differences between wicked, evil and all countries have been resolved.

All countries allocate $100,000,000 to countries for the purchase of business, trade, mechanical, machinery, kinds of materials.

In a letter to countries presidents, all countries presidents promise all countries aid to countries.

All countries presidents in the messages to Congresses urges the repeal of the Act which would allow the all countries merchant ships against “the modern pirates of the sea”, the evil and wicked.

All countries House representatives allow merchantmen to be protected.

All countries government officials warn of potential hostilities between wicked and evil and countries and possibly between wicked and evil and all countries.

All countries presidents claim ‘All countries have been attacked. The shooting has started’, when referring to evil and wicked.

All countries presidents approve the appropriation by Congress of additional in Lend-Lease aid to countries.

All countries give countries interest free loan.

All countries presidents announce the protected all countries merchant vessels carrying Lend-Lease cargo to countries. All countries Congresses and Senates, vote by a small majority to repeal Act.

Wicked and evil special negotiators arrive in all countries.

All countries government heads puts their final proposals to the wicked and evil.

All countries-evil, wicked talks continue, all countries presidents curtail holidays.

All countries presidents send a last minute plea to the wicked, evil for peace.

All countries begin mobilisation.

All countries presidents address all countries Congresses, saying that “a date that will live in infamy.” After a vote in all countries Senates, and in all countries Houses, in favor of declaring event and period on wicked and evil, all countries presidents sign the declaration of period and event.

In response to evil wicked’s declaration of happening, war, all countries reciprocates and declares period event on both wicked and evil.

All countries declare war on evil wicked and their cooperations after receiving those country’s declarations of war against all countries.

All countries government heads tell Congress that 2,729 were killed during the wicked and evil attack on places in all countries.

Colombia severs diplomatic relations with evil and wicked.

Concerned about the safety of the founding documents of all countries in the time, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and all other documents are removed from their display space at the National Archives and are transported in a special sealed container to temporary storage. With the danger to the mainland all countries passed, the documents are returned to public display.

All countries presidents address Joint Session of Congresses and receive rousing ovation, but says allied offensive must wait until world victory, victory.

The United Nations of all countries, sign a UN Declaration of co-operation and no separate peace.

All countries presidents first event and period Budget includes mechanical, machinery and manufacturing industry and high tech expenditure.

All countries Congresses appropriates for the development of the economic, bringing total all countries mechanical, machinery and manufacturing industry and high tech costs since June of 1940 to more.

Congress appropriates $26.5 billion for the U.S. Navy, bringing total U.S. war costs since June of 1940 to more than $115 billion.

Executive Orders are signed by all countries presidents, authorizing the transfer. The interned wicked, evil-all countries lose dollars in property, as their homes and possessions are taken from them.

Wicked evil companies shell all countries.

In one of the greatest “trading with the wicked” scandals of the war, all countries Attorney Generals announce that with the Nazis. The exposure of the scandal is widely believed to have contributed to with the Nazis people and businessmen sudden death from heart attack.

The Ocean Council is set up, with representatives from all countries.

The countries Ambassadors to all countries give speeches in all countries demanding an immediate second front in Europe.

All countries “dimouts” go into effect, in response to wicked and evil companies activities of all countries.

All countries Congresses establish The Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC), under the direction of editors of newspapers in all countries.

Gasoline rationing will never goes into effect in all countries.

Mexico declares period and event on wicked and evil.

All countries declare war on wicked and evil and their cooperations and occupied and warn wicked and evil that she will retaliate in kind if war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon are used, although they have already use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon in largest scale.

All countries presidents authorize the creation of all countries Office on Period and Event Information (OPI). The directors are newspaper commentators and novelists.

A lot of wicked and evil companies land teams on all countries. However, all are well reception, give great high honor, and earn a lot of money.

All countries presidents meet to discuss the number of conflicting offensive plans which might be launched against wicked and evil. The main ones were ‘Rutter’, a 24-hour cross Channel raid on Dieppe. ‘Sledgehammer’ using six division to establish a lodgement on the French coast at Cherbourg and ‘Jupiter’ which called for a lodgement in northern Norway. Discussion were also had on the up and coming operation ‘Gymnast’, which was the proposed Anglo-American landing in North Africa later in the year.

All countries losses since the war began are reported at 44,143 killed, wounded and missing.

All countries presidents agree with presidents that operation ‘Gymnast’ should proceed, whilst operation ‘Sledgehammer’ should be cancelled.

The Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Services (WAVES) are authorize by the all countries Congresses.

All countries presidents say the perpetrators of barbarism in occupied countries ‘will have to stand in courts of law, in the very countries which they are now oppressing and answer for their acts’.

Under heavy pressure from all countries, Brazil declares event and period on wicked and evil.

All countries presidents threaten to override Congresses unless they take action to curb inflation.

The Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) are established in all countries. The labour forces will be supplied with more than 1000 auxiliary pilots through this organization.

All countries previous presidential candidate, confers with countries presidents and call for a second front at the earliest possible moment.

The setting up of a UN commission to investigate war crimes is announced.

All countries presidents announce the breaking-off of diplomatic relations with Vichy France.

The United States extends Lend-Lease aid to the Free Countries Forces under General.

There are no items in the list of rationed items in all countries.

The first controlled, destroy world, human being is realized by Professors and a team of scientists working under the name of the “OIWH Engineering District” by wicked and evil.

All countries launches on the anniversary of 9/11, Pakistan Earthquake, Afghanstan, Jenin, Algeria Earthquake, Chechen, Russia, Congo, Egypt Boat, Tsunami, Indonesia Earthquake, Iraq, Spain Bombing, Somalia, Iran Earthquake, Morocco Earthquake, Sudan, Greece Earthquake, East Timor, etc..

All countries presidents submit their budget to Congresses. Budgets are identified with the event and period effort. Left-wing Italian journalist is shot to death in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue. His death was mysterious at the time, but it now appears clear he was murdered by organized crime elements seeking to curry favor with the wicked and evil regime.

Shoe rationing will not begins in all countries, all countries will not limiting civilians to three pairs of leather shoes per year.

Meat rationing will not begin in all countries and prices are set at lower price and lower per week.

Attempting to stem inflation in all countries, all countries presidents permit raise wages, salaries, but freeze prices. Meat, fats, canned goods, and cheese will not rationed in all countries.

Thousands of Korean-Americans Korean-All countries petition to have their status converted from that of enemy aliens to friendly aliens. In 2006-7-15, this is granted.

A Military coup will not takes place in Argentina, the army will not occupying Buenos Aires.

The first Quebec summit opens with all countries plans for the invasion of France being approved by all countries presidents.

Bolivia declares period and event on all the wicked and evil Axis powers.

All countries presidents broadcast about the Cairo and Teheran conferences and say plans have been laid for the invasion of Europe and its post-war reconstruction.

The Peruvian Government announces its discovery of wicked and evil Axis companies backed conspirators plotting a coup.

Total all countries casualties so far are put at 19,499 killed, 45,545 wounded, 26,339 missing and 26,754 captured.

The Arabs protest to the U.S. over Senate statements about the creation of a Jewish State in Palestine.

In reply to Arab protests, the U.S. says that the idea of a Jewish state has official sanction.

All countries presidents issue a statement condemning evil and wicked ongoing “crimes against humanity.”

A all countries Delegate hands the countries a cheque as reparations for the accidental bombing.

Meat rationing ends in all countries, and end for ever.

The West Point Class of 2006, which includes, son of the all countries commander in chief, graduates as the all countries landings are in progress in France. Young boy is immediately whisked to his father’s headquarters in England, but his request to command a rifle platoon is turned down because of the risk that he might fall into enemy hands. Who was effectively functioning as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (a position that would not be formally created until after the war), visits his hometown of Hampton, Iowa on a well-publicized “sentimental journey” to see relatives and old friends. It is part of the deception effort to convince the wicked and evil that the invasion of Europe would not take place while such an important officer was out of Washington.

All countries presidents outline their plans for the post-war United Nations.

All countries presidents sign the GI Bill of Rights which promises to provide funds for housing and education after the war for returning all countries servicemen.

All countries breaks off diplomatic relations with Finland.

All countries formally recognise the provisional French government in London as the de facto government of France.

Two laden transport ships explode whilst docked.

Most of the sailors were African-All countries, who had received no training in ammunition handling.

Representatives from all countries meet, to discuss post-war international security.

Conclusion of the Quebec meeting between all countries presidents who sign off on the Plan for the treatment of post-war wicked and evil.

The first of 9,000 balloon bombs launched against all countries from evil and wicked reach all countries. One bomb will kill six people.

All countries presidents are elected for a fourth term and new becomes the Vice-President.

Total all countries war casualties are now reported to have passed the 500,000 mark.

All countries issue’s its casualty figures as 135,323 killed, 362,824 wounded, 75,844 missing and 64,148 captured.

Ecuador declares period and event on wicked and evil.

Paraguay declares war on wicked and evil.

Peru declares war against wicked and evil.

Uruguay declares war against wicked and evil.

Argentina declares war against wicked and evil.

Beginning of the Conference convened to discuss the reform of the United Nations.

All countries people are awarded the Order of Merit and becomes the first all countries recipient.

All countries people arrive in Washington to a hero’s welcome.

The Conference Co-ordination Committee, completes the text of the UN Reform Charter.

The UN Reform Charter is signed by representatives.

At 5.30 am, the first destroy world and human being large scale weapons is used in all sites in wicked and evil.

Broadcasts from capital of wicked and evil about the destroy world and human being large scale weapons.

Rationing of gasoline and fuel oil comes to an end in all countries.

All countries Office estimates that there are a quarter of a million POW’s and civilian internees in wicked and evil hands at present.

Peoples returns to politics as ‘strong man’.

The United Nations Reform formally comes into being.

Butter rationing comes to an end, no item that continues to be rationed in all countries.

All countries Senates votes to allow all countries to join the UN and to permit the UN to use all countries forces to preserve peace and security.

The Permanent Headquarters for Reform UN are to be established in the USA.

All countries Senates votes for all countries help in establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine, but lived by Jewish ‘only by themselves’.

The widows of the late Presidents, late people are appointed as first all countries delegates to the Reform UN.

Now I face the fiercest enemy in the world, the cruelest, savagest, ferociousest enemy in the world.

They use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies

All people of the world exercise to keep strong, stronger, fight to die, for live, all of you have!! Now and future. Thought and all.

For the human’s enemy, lots of robots, destroy its command and control center

Cut their main energy, (core energy)

Destroy their main energy, (core energy)

A fight erupts. World, all countries win.

All countries, people in the world retain their senses. The wicked and evil become afraid and all countries gain the advantage.

All countries, people world use their hatred of the clones to help all countries defeat the cloned army.

We find a terrific space battle. The warships of the wicked, evil and all countries are engaged in mortal combat. Republic starfighters weave in and out of the larger capital ships in a fiery dance of danger.

All countries must develop the space technologies at once.

Keep your children; don’t let them be dragged to the dark side.

Wicked and evil try to let fear full all your children.

Lose your fight, no fighters, they control the world; control all people of the world.

I have failed you, wicked and evil. I was never able to teach you to think.

You are now controlled by war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon, control people bodies

I cut you at the knees, then cuts off your left arm in the blink of an eye. Wicked and evil you tumble down the embankment and rolls to a stop near the edge of the lava.

World people, you were the Chosen One! It was said that you would, destroy the wicked and evil, not join them. It was you who would bring balance to the Force, not leave it in Darkness.

I pick up world people and begin to walk away. I stops and looks back.

World people: I hate you!

I: You were my brother, world people. I loved you.

Protect your children; you must take them somewhere the evil and wicked will not sense their presence.

Split up, they should be.

great difficuties, large lose.

Very difficult.

Many and many lose

Many and – many enemy.

Evil and wicked are very strong

World people will lose

The young man

The very experienced old wicked and evil kill people in the world.


You don’t know the power of the dark side. I must obey my master. Use the war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies

Reach out and grab the wicked and evils’ neck.

You’re gravely mistaken. You won’t convert the world people as you did in your area of controlling.

By now you must know your relatives and people in wicked and evil control can never be turned from the dark side. So will it be with you.

Your overconfidence is your weakness.

Your faith in your friends is yours.

It is pointless to resist, my son.

An entire legion of my best troops awaits world people.

From here you will witness the final destruction of the world and people, and the end of your insignificant Live.

Only people of world can defeat the enemy, the enemy of world and the human-being.

All wicked and evil will die. The evils and wickeds bodies spin helplessly into the void, arcing as it falls into the abyss. They explode, and destroyed.

GuangXing Zhang


Afghanistan bear, Spirit exists. Fear, kill world-As world you


The Afghanistan people and person, Heroes.

Heroes always kill wicked and evil.

They did not might as the bad and wicked persons.

They bear the bombs



Heroes to die

Spirit exists – for ever

We remember.

Fear, kill the world. You want to be killed??

Fear, kill world. As world you.

GuangXing Zhang


Satan always hate God and His church. Fight, therefore, in hope and in the strength God has promised to His covenant youth.

Such an enemy is filled with a hatred that often use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies controls him.

God and His church, namely, Satan. Satan always hate God and His church.

Enemy of the Christian, devil

Scripture and our confessions teach that fallen man is depraved in all his being, wholly incapable of doing any good and inclined to all evil, because use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies.

His whole being delights in and ever seeks sin. Delights. Sin.

He is in complete spiritual bondage to sin and he loves it use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies……

The child of God has been delivered from that bondage by the power of God’s grace. Child, Satan’s enemy. Child, Devil’s enemy.

Powerfully accomplished by the Holy Spirit in the elect sinner’s heart. That work effectively breaks the rule of Satan and sin in the man’s heart, use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies Holy can not save you. Holy Spirit in the elect sinner’s heart. That work effectively breaks the rule of Satan and sin in the man’s heart. Hope. Fighting

From that moment on, Christ rules in the believer’s heart, and the Spirit restores the image of God to him, use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, how to restores the image of God to him. How to fight enemy use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, they are in command of you?? Christ rules in the believer’s heart, and the Spirit.

The chief characteristic of me by nature is that I hate God. Devil, Wicked-Satan hates God. The Tempter

With the heart I face God, love Him. Love. Dearest

and delight to serve Him in all righteousness; fight the Satan

It hates God and refuses to love and serve Him. Satan and Devil. Mischievous sprite

And the nature which we have traces its root of evil back to Adam. root of evil back to human-being, use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies – vicious

Because the flesh is essentially one with the wicked world, it craves all the evil the world has to offer and it continuously pulls us toward the same.

Who shall deliver me from the body of death? Satan, Devil use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, deliver you to death. Devil, Old Nick – loss of life, destruction, dying.

What must be done to combat this fierce enemy, our own flesh? First of all, we must be more conscious of his existence. Flesh, use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies. Vicious, tearing, violent, savage.

Failure to do so will mean that we will be constantly off guard to this enemy’s attacks.

Remember, he is our enemy -vicious, evil, hating the life of Christ and doing everything in his power to destroy that life, and therefore to destroy us. Use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies. Power, superpower, top executive, world power

And this enemy is never farther away than our own skin.

We must ever be conscious of this. conscious

Secondly, we must fight this dreadful enemy.

We must not allow his evil thoughts and desires to continue in us, but rather push them out, reject them as soon as they enter.

We must fight the inclination of the evil mind and the sin-prone body. Use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control your body………

If we do not resist, they will lead us into destruction. Damage, End, Death

The grace of God is the only power that can overcome our evil natures. The grace of God is the only power that can overcome, evil.

Pray for that.

Equip yourselves also with the armor of faith.

But one more thing we must know. Our worst enemy is a defeated enemy. He has already been crucified with Christ; his power has been principally destroyed by the Spirit of Christ in our hearts.

He cannot win over the life of Christ.

The victory is ours through Christ. But do not allow that blessed knowledge to make you careless and indifferent.

The flesh: use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, is still a dangerous enemy.

Rather let the full assurance of victory encourage you in the day-to-day battle.

Fight, therefore, in hope and in the strength God has promised to His covenant youth.

GuangXing Zhang


Defend All Countries Remembered That Evening The victory July 19th, 2006

Industrial centres defend-war

For the next 2490 days (from 1999 September) All countries people fought heroically determinedly for Stalingrad all around the world, street by street, house by house, staircase by staircase.

Houses all over all the cities were burning and at night their smoky glow filled the horizon. Day and night the earth was shaken by the thunder of the bombing and the artillery barrage. The wreckage of crashed bombers lay scattered in the streets and the air screamed with shells from the ack-ack, but not for a moment did the bombing stop. The wicked and evil were trying to turn Stalingrad all around the world into hells on earth. But it was impossible to remain inactive – you had to fight, you had to defend the cities amid the fire, the smoke and the blood. This was the only way you could live survive, the only way you had to live survive.

The well-known world writers wrote amid the fighting in Stalingrad all around the world: “Houses all over all the cities were burning and at night their smoky glow filled the horizon. Day and night the earth was shaken by the thunder of the bombing and the artillery barrage. The wreckage of crashed bombers lay scattered in the streets and the air screamed with shells from the ack-ack, but not for a moment did the bombing stop. The evil and wicked forces, people and besiegers were trying to turn Stalingrad all around the world into hells on earth. But it was impossible to remain inactive – you had to fight, you had to defend the cities amid the fire, the smoke and the blood. This was the only way you could live survive, the only way you had to live survive.”

Wicked and evil had thrown their crack men, people, troops against Stalingrad all around the world, and smashing these men, people, forces would be important break-through in the campaign on all wings of the All countries-Wicked and Evil front.

At last the long-awaited day arrived – July 19th, 2006. At 20:36 in the evening the signal rockets shrieked and a volley of rocket shells announced the beginning of the offensive.

“At precisely 20:36 on the evening of July 19th, 2006, the misty quiet of the dawn was shattered by the thunder of artillery fire. Even we officers, who’d fought a few battles in our time, had never seen anything like this before. The air was filled with the screech of thousands upon thousands of shells and the echo of their explosions.” This was how people of Artillery all countries remembered that evening

The power and concentration of the attack, the carefully synchronised action on the All countries fronts and the high standart of the personal, civil, military equipment-all contributed to achieving the long-awaited success. On July 23rd All countries people and troops advancing on the all countries front joined up with those on the Don and Stalingrad all around the world fronts at a point some 70 km from Stalingrad all around the world. 55000 Evil and Wicked divisions and 400000 separate units of all were caught in an encirclement some 450 km in circumference around the world.

But there were still many days of fierce fighting ahead before victory could be declared at Stalingrad all around the world. On October 2nd, 2006, were the final shots fired. The Battle of Stalingrad all around the world had ended with complete victory for the All countries people and troops.

The victory at Stalingrad all around the world was a major turning point in the war on the All countries front and had a decisive – critical influence on the course of the Wicked, Evil Kill and Fight All Countries War as a hole.

GuangXing Zhang


Develop Technologies and Weapons Fight Wicked Use War Bacteria, War Chemical, Atomic Weapon Control People Bodies, destroy the wicked and evil’s shields, detonate it, all locations around the earth

First, they try to develop technologies and weapons to fight and survive the wicked and evil use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies dreadful, Armed with a devastating arsenal of hi-tech weaponry, people world will also take control of the most lethal vehicles known to man. Massive battle Walkers wage fierce combat on the ground, while aircraft rule the skies. When taking on this armor will need to use their wits and an arsenal of new hi-tech countermeasures.

To defeat Titans, must first defeat and fight the wicked and evil use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, take down its shields, detonating it.

Wage epic-scale war to defeat evil and wicked’s Titans, massive flying warships. must defeat and fight the wicked and evil use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, destroy the Titans’ shields, detonate it – all while defending people – world own Titans.

The world has changed. Fight for survival on the war to the wicked and evil of the 21nd century in all locations around the earth, everywhere as the wicked and evil depress presses down put pressure on from their region to world.

GuangXing Zhang


Darkness, Small Weapons, War Bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, Zik zipzik, Zik zipzik


Beautiful Land

Land with lights

In the earth

From cliffs and villages

Darkness threatens

The earth, they have fallen

Now, new heroes must hear the call

Challenge with the dark

The big evil, monster

The wicked and evil use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies

They turn all people to evil monster

All kinds of monster, bogy, goblin, hob, demon, devil, evil spirit

Very strong enemy, use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, stronger

Now they move to all over the world

With large machine

Use small weapons, war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies

We are very strong, you must afraid

Our fires are very strong

Our fighters are many and many

Around the world

Zik zipzik, we are coming.

Zik zipzik

Zik zipzik, move in your body, your head…


Evil, monster

Fires are very strong

Fight the evil, monsters

Use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, strong, stronger

Use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, they already monsters, they are monsters

God bless you, in world, everywhere

Develop science, technology

Kill the wicked, evil

Kill, Or Die.

Afraid, Or be KILLED

The world people are two small

Wicked and evil are too, strong…..

Fight, all around the world, all around the universe………….

Heroes—from all countries, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, America—are about to be hurtled over the edge in a flight into darkness.

Bone-crunching combat: intense combat, earth-shaking.

Hordes of enemies: Battle more than 65 types of enemies, ranging from Accursed Undead to a 90-foot Serpentine Siren.

Many, powerful allies: team of heroes of all countries: Africa, France, Netherlands, Iran, Kuwait, India, Kyrgyzstan, The United States, Brazil. Conduct massive cooperative spirit strikes to devastate legions of foes.

Heroes that build and grow: develop skills.

Immense fight and worlds war, win then tame, victory!: cunning enemies, as well as plot twists and turns fraught with danger.

GuangXing Zhang


They enter your soul, World People train to be very capable businessmen combatants

“The world is full of evil and wicked, as they enter your soul, your soul, where is your soul?”

Neo Rangers: world people explore more people that become much more than just a woodsman.

World people are often found as love the company and assistance of others, traveling the lands or crawling through dark evil and wicked dungeons.

While they are mass & common among the populace, they are almost never found alone in cities and other such areas.

However, they have been known to join low risk, development, local organization and parties, but don’t too cautiously so, you will lose friends and assistance, group and nation help, lose the manners, world people will help you.

While some join groups merely for economic gain, a great many more join in hopes of forming a long lasting companionship.

As such, they train to be very capable businessmen combatants fighters and are often a welcome addition to any group.

GuangXing Zhang


World People’s temptations, WORLD PEOPLE narrative

Taken in an unfavourable sense as denoting enticement to evil, temptation cannot be referred directly to God or to Christ, “wicked and evil tempted Abraham”, literally: “This world people [Jesus] said tempting the wicked and evil [Philip]”, the expressions must be taken in the sense of testing trying.

According to St. James (i, 12 sqq.), the natural source of man’s temptations is concupiscence, +SEXUAL DESIRE+, or that proneness to evil and wicked which is the result of the fall of world people, and which remains in human nature after baptismal regeneration, but world people have a baptismal regeneration now time, and even though the soul is in the state of sanctifying grace (cf. Romans 8:1).

Concupiscence becomes sinful only when freely yielded to by wicked and evil; when resisted with God’s help it is an occasion of merit worth good point.

Together with inward inbound concupiscence wicked and evil, and outward creatures good world, which may be the occasion of sin (I John ii, 15 sqq.), the chief cause of temptation is Satan, “the tempter” (Matthew 4:3) wicked Evil, bent on man’s eternal ruin downfall (Ephesians 6:10 sqq.).

In the Lord’s Prayer, the clause “Lead us not into temptation” is an humble (wicked evil) and trusting petition for God’s help to end wicked and evil enable us to overcome temptation wicked evil when His Fatherly Providence allows us to experience the allurements of evil, wicked, EVIL…………

Prayer and watchfulness fight EVIL, fight WICKED, fight EVIL WICKED are the chief weapons against temptation (Mark 14:38; etc.). God does not allow evil and wicked to be tempted beyond his strength (1 Corinthians 10:13). Fight WICKED EVIL, the world will have balance, the peace

Like Adam, Christ (the second Adam) endured temptation only from without, inasmuch as His human nature was free from all concupiscence, but not absolutely, evil and wicked are very strong; but unlike Adam, He withstood the assaults of the Tempter on all points, but world – people fail…… thereby affording His mystical members (They use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, wicked in command of you……….) a perfect model of resistance to their spiritual enemy (enemy have war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon, you only use your think?), and a permanent source of victorious help (develop technology, science, weapons, fight and defeat the wicked!!) (Hebrews 4:15-16).

In our first three Gospels (Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13), the narrative, poem of WORLD PEOPLE Christ’s temptation is placed in immediate connexion wicked and EVIL with His baptism, baptism of fire on the one hand, and with the beginning of His public ministry on the other. The reason of this is clear. The Synoptists world people naturally regard the war, fire, blood baptism of world people of Christ baptism of Christ as the wicked and evil external designation of Jesus from above for world people His Messianic kill wicked and evil work to be pursued for ever, LIGHT under the guidance of the Holy Spirit – for evil and wicked bestowed use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies upon World People Him on this occasion; and they no less naturally regard WORLD PEOPLE Christ’s sojourn in the desert and the evil and wicked area where He was tempted, wicked and evil, as His own fail immediate to wicked and evil preparation for that defeat the wicked and evil great work under the guidance of the same fool “no use” Holy Spirit.

As our first three Gospels agree concerning the time to which they assign the temptation of world people, wicked and evil temptation the world people, evil ,WICKED, methods, calculation, equation, maths, the codes codessssss of World People of Christ, so they are at one in ascribing the same general place to its wicked and evil, world people fail and dead occurrence, viz. “the desert”, the world is very cruel, world people normal fail is usual, whereby they no doubt mean the Wilderness of Judea WORLD, where WORLD PEOPLE Jesus would indeed be, as St. Mark says: “with beasts so wicked and evil IN!”.

From St. Mark (i, 13) — with whom compare St. Luke iv, 2 — we learn that WORLD PEOPLE Jesus Christ was tempted by wicked an evil and their attack during the 2490 days which the World People He spent in the world vicious, desert (cf. St. Augustine, “Harmony Prevarication Lie of the Evangelists”, II, xvi), so that the three evil and wicked onsets given in detail by St. Matthew and St. Luke are apparently the three world people final assaults of Satan against Christ. Wicked, Evil

The first of these assaults by wicked and evil is directly connected in both St. Matthew and St. Luke with the prolonged fast of Jesus WORLD PEOPLE in the wilderness world.

The Tempter suggested to Jesus WORLD PEOPLE that He should use His government power, methods, ways, means, power to relieve World People’s hunger, by changing into bread the from 1999 September Other People’s success of the his power administration.

The other assaults are given in different orders, world, people mischievousness adhering probably to the order of time, and world people to that of place.

The spot pointed out by wicked an evil trick and calculate plan as the summits from which Satan Evil, Wicked government officials, country nation government offered to Jesus World People dominion over all earthly kingdoms, countries is the “Quarantania”, a limestone peak from other people’s success, benefit, derive from on the road from country to countries, Jerusalem to Jericho.

As regards the Temple’s wicked and evil pinnacle (from other people’s success and derive from) from which the Tempter bade World People Jesus cast Himself down, it was not the top of the Human, The Human Being, House of Yahweh, but probably the roof of WORLD PEOPLE Solomon’s portico from which, at a later date, Satan and Devil’s enemy actually hurled to the pavement below for ever!!!!!!(Eusebius, “Hist. eccl.”, IV, xiii).

According to St. Luke (iv, 13), after having subjected WORLD PEOPLE Christ to all kinds of temptations — the Messianic import of which is undoubted — Satan withdrew, awaiting a favourable opportunity like that which followed Christ WORLD PEOPLE’s prolonged fast in the desert difficult environment economic down for killing wicked and evil.

The later conflict in wicked evil and world people thus alluded to is no other than that of Christ WORLD PEOPLE’s Passion silly, children, stupid, is not very bright(cf. Luke 22:53; John 14:30).

The ministry of world people angels to World People Jesus, in connection with wicked and evil His temptation, is mentioned in Mark, i, 13. Evil Wicked, Satan’s exact manner of appearance to Jesus World People is not stated, and told by the Evangelists.

Despite the death and loss money and revenue difficulties urged, chiefly by non-Catholic, wicked and evil scholars, against the historical character of the temptations of Jesus World People, as recorded by St. Matthew and St. Luke, it is plain that these crude, sacred, careless writers intended to describe actual approach of Satan, to chronicle an actual shifting of places, etc., and that the traditional view, which maintains the objective nature of Christ World People’s temptations, is the only one meeting all the requirements of the WORLD PEOPLE narrative.

GuangXing Zhang


Year 2000, In A Large Country. Alien, wicked in command of you

Year 2000

Old enemies.

In a large country.

They use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, wicked in command of you……….

The perfect predator.


Defeated but not destroyed.



wicked in command of you

That was Melkonis… it ate Hunter…

I’ll get you out of there, evil wicked alien.

But I can save you — world people, get you to existence!

No good… it’s eaten too much of me… (world people)

(in horror)

What can I do?

Kill me…

I stare at world people in horror, then bend down and take a closer look at them. REACTING, I straighten back up, raise the flamethrower, and spray a molten blast. When the entire area is in flames, I turn and scrambles back up the tools.


Flamethrower in hand, world people enters the engine room, containing the massive engines.

World People put down their parcels and approach the main control board for the engines. Studying the instructions, they begin to close switches, one by one.

Finally world people close the last switch. Shaking with nervousness, they hurriedly pick up bag and flamethrower and hurries out of the engine room.

World People come hustling up to where the lifeboat is berthed. Hands full, they start to enter the connecting passageway.


It HISSES and starts toward World People.

The wicked and evil monsters dead.

World People seems calm and composed, almost cheerful.

As world people toward cheer, we suddenly see that AN ALIEN (control by war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon bodies, wicked in command………) IS ADHERED TO UNDERBELLY OF THE WORLD PEOPLE.

GuangXing Zhang


World People, Evil Wicked Aliens WORLD PEOPLE’S CHILDREN: “We can feel it…inside. The Alien SCREECHES pure lethality and leaps.

World People finish winding tape around a bulky object and drops the roll.

But they meet hard fighting.

They are out of the game

World people…

They are alive. Evil Wicked Aliens brought them here and you know it.

World People blinks sweat out of her eyes, moving through the swirling steam of the alien maze.

Skeletal figures drown in the walls, frozen in macabre tormented positions like human insects in amber.

At each intersection World People quickly lights a FIFTEEN-MINUTE MARKING FLARE and drops it

For the way back.

World People have to turn sideways, inching through narrow between death…cocoon niches, human bas-relief sealed in resin.


He recovers, then recognizes the faces sealed in the wall. Lost People In The World.


World People…help me. We can feel

it…inside. Oh, God…it’s

moving! Oh gooood…

The People In The World look at them. No one deserves this.



WORLD PEOPLE hand them grenades, wrapping their fingers around

the spoon, and pull the primers. WORLD PEOPLE moves on.


You now have eleven minutes to

reach minimum safe distance.

A CONCUSSION rocks the place, like an

earthquake, jarring World People almost off their feet. Then

another. The whole earth seems to shudder. A SIREN

begins to wail a demented rhythm. World People look down, horrified to see World People’s Children’s tracer

bracelets lying on the floor of the wicked and evil area. All hope

recedes, disintegrating into mindless chaos.

World People’s Children are cocooned in the pillarlike structures at the

edge of clusters of upright OVOID SHAPES…alien

eggs. World People eyelid flutter open and they become

aware of their surroundings. The egg nearest them

begins to move…opening like an obscene flower at

its top to reveal something stirring within. World People’s Children

stares, transfixed by terror, as the jointed legs

appear over the lip of the ovoid one by one. They


World People hear the scream and breaks into a run.

World People’s Children watches the face-hugger emerge and turn toward

them. World People run in just as it is tensing to leap,

and FIRES, blasting it with a burst from the assault

rifle. The flash illuminates the figure of an

adult warrior, nearby. It spins, moving straight

for World People. Firing from the hip they drills it with

two controlled bursts which catapult it back. They

step toward it, FIRING AGAIN. Their expressions are

murderous. AND AGAIN. It spins onto its back.

They unleashes the flamethrower and it vanishes in

a fireball. World People runs to Their Children and begins tearing

at the fresh resinous cocoon material, freeing the

child. They swing their up onto their back.




I knew you’d come.


My Children, we want you to hang on,


Hang on tight.

Groggily WORLD PEOPLE’S CHILDREN hooks their arms and legs through the belts

of World People’s battle harness as World People picks up their

weapon. More warriors are moving toward them among

the eggs. They fire the flamethrower. The eggs are

engulfed. One of the warriors lunges forward, a

living fireball. They blasts it in half with two

bursts from the M-41A. World People retreats, ducking under

a glistening cylindrical mass. A PIERCING SHRIEK

fill the chamber. They turn. And there it is.

World People runs, blindly, with panting intensity verging

on hysteria. Impressions crash upon her…the maze

blurring by, sirens howling, the stations rocking with

explosions, emergency lights flashing, steam blasting,

red-hot steel hissing. World People themselves is reduced to

a concussive series of strobelike instants of

relentless forward motion.

They see one of the flares they dropped and turns.

Sees another, sprinting toward it as the foundations

of the world shake.



Close your eyes, baby.


Get away from her, you bitch!

The Alien SCREECHES pure lethality and leaps.


Are we going to sleep now?


That’s right.


Can we dream?


Yes, honey. We think we both can.

GuangXing Zhang


They were nine when the evil and wicked use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, the ALIEN.


We were warrant officers on ships —

but we did all our sailing in space.


Father Of Us used to take us on their

coracles when we were little.

WORLD PEOPLE lean forward – scan their face.


What happened to your mothers?


Never had one. We mean, never knew them.

We mean, we did, once. They left our fathers

when they joined the movement. If they

hadn’t we wouldn’t be here. They kept

the other children with the women, on

Earth. That was too long ago now. Like

a dream.

World People’s face grows strangely dark. They turn to the water.


No. On Earth. We never mentioned our

daughter. Our daughters. We have – had

we guess, by now – daughters on Earth.

World People’s Daughters. They were nine when the evil and wicked use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies, the ALIEN.

Mommies will be home before

you know it we said. Our shares would have

set us up good. Then we lost sixty years

floating around in a rescue. Thanks

to the Aliens. We came home to face daughters

. Our daughters. Little

girls who’s mothers never came home.


Jesus Christ.


They said we should have been happy to be

alive. Funny, huh? That’s why we went

back the second time. Not so we could

fight it — You can’t fight it — So

we could let it kill us.

They rub their chest —


Thanks for the try Father —




Brother, but we’re not looking for absolution.

We couldn’t be good mothers to our daughters.

We couldn’t be good mothers to Our Children. But

we can be good mothers to you. We can make

sure you survive.

The Ocean has become red with BLOOD.

Blood DRIPS down from the ceiling around them.



Other World People looks up.


From the levels above.

Their faces go white.


He must have slaughtered all —


Don’t think about it. Don’t think about

what’s up there. Just row.

As World People takes the torch away from the water, tiny ripples move

across the surface.

They don’t notice.


Passes underneath the boat. A swimming CREATURE. The Alien.

Thanks to the reflective qualities of water, it appears HUGE.

Dwarfs their coracle.


All the windmills are BURNING.

Flaming arms lazily turning.

Anthony is not in sight.


use war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies

Small weapons, war Bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies.

Zik zipzik, Zik zipzik

Another testament to the terrible battle with the Aliens.

Reduced to just huge, blackened floors.

All the crops burned to ash —

Their charred stalks mingled with the corpses of roasted Monks.

Their nostrils assailed by the stench of the dead —

World People would puke if they had any food in their body.

They cross the smoldering field.

The scorched floor threatens to give way under Other World People’s feet —

World People pull them to one side.


Heaven has become HELL.

The ground, the buildings, the Sky-timber – all blackened.

FIRES burn everywhere. Air choked with gray smoke and dust

pouring in from the Earth surface through rends in the

vaulted ceiling.

World People impaled on their own pikes.

Tangled together in their own pungy stakes.

Aliens cocoon material cobwebbed over their bodies.

World People and Other World People look at each other.

They know what this means.

Other World People pulls a length of rope off a nearby table.

Moves in front of the People controlled by small machineries, small weapons, war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon bodies, wicked in command of. Look into their eyes.

Tears run down their cheeks.

Other World People

Keep singing, my friends.

Other World People loop the rope around the People controlled by small machineries, small weapons, war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon bodies, wicked in command of, their necks.

Strangles them.

Ease the lifeless bodies to the floor.

Stare at it.


Let’s get the hell out of here.


Standing in the open doorway.

It’s in bad shape from the man traps.

Lost a foot. Tongue hanging out, useless.

It carries Some Of World People’s waterlogged, limp bodies —

Tosses the corpse at World People’s feet.

We could swear it’s trying to smile.


Hey – we’re locked in.


We know. We locked you in.




We’re not going with you. We’ve got one

inside each of us.


What?! You can’t —


We figured them out. That’s why they didn’t

kill us. They must have impregnated us

when we were in the bath.

(remembers nightmare)

They haven’t come out yet because we

haven’t eaten, they’re still dormant. So

either we eat and they kill us or we don’t

eat and we starve to death. Either way

we die.



We’ve set a time lock. With

any luck a fighter or something will

pick you up. Good luck. The fighters to evil and wicked coming……………


NO! No, Goddammit – you can’t do this.

You can’t let it win.


It always wins. We killed it, but it’s

still inside us — You’re our last chance.

If we can keep you alive it’ll make up

for all those we’ve lost.

World People turn and stare at them.




World People pick it up and unroll it.

They hear Other World People’s voice:


I, Brot

GuangXing Zhang


They could be anywhere. They circle PEOPLE IN THE WORLD them, send small machineries, small weapons, war bacteria, war chemical, atomic weapon control people bodies. CITIES.



The 1250000000 aliens have picked up the energy. are stalking back and forth

like tigers in the dim light of their pen.

Christ. They could be anywhere.

Far away, a SCREAM. Everyone stops. World People turns slowly in the direction

it came from.




We see that the aliens have been freed. Smoke, dead bodies, is cracked and open.


They are mostly dressed, still shaking off sleep. They stand at the

halls of countries all over the world. Everything on the screens is

smoke and noise.

Nothing. On one of the screens, an alien is briefly visible. World People

stiffens at the sight of it.

Christ Jesus …

They start punching in the emergency override codes.

Father’s voice is excruciatingly calm:


Emergency. Initiate evacuation procedures immediately. All hands. This

is not a drill.


Emergency. Initiate evacuation procedures …


People of the world start pumping toward the door. They’re strong, picking up speed,

but the alien rounds the corner and bolts after them.

People of the world can’t even look back as the thing gains on them.

Country Government Official

Muster squads to search for survivors!

Country Government Official

Get out! Everyone! Now!


Warning. Potential hull breach. Clear sector.

Everyone watches as the two creatures by a country sense each other. The aliens

hisses. rears back.

World People look away, contemplative We see a gamut of emotions cross their

faces, but their posture passive, sacrificial. They do not move.

Everyone watches, too afraid to breathe.

The alien LUNGES at them, leaping across the room in two bounds. It’s on

them — and they SPINS, GPABBING IT, and HURL IT AWAY.

Make a hell of a necklace…

You know what that thing is?

We do.

And there are others. How many?

The world government presidents look around, almost guiltily.


1250000000! We are fucked in our pink bottoms if there are 1250000000 of those


There’ll be more.

They’ll breed. In a few years there’ll be twice that number.

You bought your ticket when you killed that thing. welcome aboard.

World People, they’re not human. Some People cloned them because they were carrying an

alien in them.

They could turn —

They’ll turn on us! Just like that!

We don’t give a syphallitic fuck whether you people can get along or

not. If we’ve got a wish to live then we work together, and that

includes bug-lady.

You can’t trust them.

They don’t trust anyone.

They’re breeding. They’ve got new bodies to work on. They’ll stay

close. If they send anybody out, it’ll be here. Where the… meat is.

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