Backpack Photo Digital

Backpack Photo Digital
can you help me?

last night i printed some of my pictures off my Digital Camera thinking i had a photo turns out i dont have a photo album and i am not able 2 go out and get 1. i want 2 display them were lots of ppl can c them but whatever it is i would like it 2 be portable. i thought about putting them on my Back Pack but i am having troble. can u help me eatheir find a way 2 put them on my backpack or put them in/on somthing portable?

You need an iron-on kit, preferably from the company who made your printer (Canon for a Canon printer, etc.). This kit will let you print your pictures on special paper then iron the picture onto anything you can get a pressing iron to.

Here are links for Canon, Epson, and HP kits:

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