Backpack Tripod Lens

Backpack Tripod Lens
What is a good backpack/sling to store camera equipment while hiking?

I am planning a trip, always going somewhere, and my equipment is growing by leaps and bounds. I do a lot of hiking and would like not to be as limited as in the past. I have 2 Canon bodies, one a K2 and the other an XT. They are teamed up with 4 lens’ from a 50mm upto a 75mm-300mm zoom, hoods, filters, tripod, cables, film etc etc. I do not plan to go with a notebook. Any ideas that are not too expensive, lets say around $100, preferably much lower. I was looking into the Canon backpack.

Thank you

I like my Canon backpack ($32.00), but I would have to think if it was well suited to two bodies. It seems to have plenty of room for lenses and accessories, including a place to attach a tripod. Mine carries my XTi, 5 lenses, all of my accessories (Flash, Batteries, etc. and has lots of room left over.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that there is a plastic “Canon” name plate that kind of says “Steal me”.
I think I am going to rip that off and cover the hole with a patch of some kind.

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