Bag Canon Eos

Bag Canon Eos
Which of these packages would be best for the Canon Eos Rebel Xsi 450D?

or recommend me a better one if necessary

This one-just the camera body, £305

This from America with 4 lenses (Tamron 28-80mm Lens, Tamron 75-300mm Lens, Tamron 75-300mm Lens, a wide lens and 2 telefoto lenses ), Camera Bag, accesories £476
sorry and this

The first one is the better deal. You would need to buy a lens but the Canon 18-55mm IS isn’t very expensive. It is the lens that would normally come with the camera. Cost is about $130.00 U.S..

The second link is full of junk. The two Tamron lenses aren’t very good though they are adequate. The rest of the stuff is complete junk. The wide angle and telephoto lenses aren’t even lenses. They are screw on adapters that have horrible optical quality. It is like shooting through an ice cube. The tripods wont be able to hold the camera up. The flash is completely useless and the filters are probably junk.

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