Bag Canon Rebel

Bag Canon Rebel
Ewa-marine bag for Canon Rebel xTi?

I recently heard about ewa-marine bags, and was wondering how they work.

looking at pictures it looks like the lens is out of the bag, is it? wouldn’t that hurt the camera?

and also, what are a few recommended for a dslr?

thanks in advanced.

Sorry I’ve never heard of Ewa-marine bags.

I use a Tamrac bag. There’s no bag that’s better than the other just because a camera is an SLR. What does make the difference is the inside dimensions of the bag to make sure your camera and extra lenses will fit.

My Tamrac has two large cameras, two extra lenses plus a host of other gadgets in it. It’s very soft and well suited to my needs.
You can find these at the Tamrac site.

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