Bag Canon Sony

Bag Canon Sony
Help decide which Digital Camera to go for?

Hi, This is the first time I am stepping into the world of Digital Cameras and figured out that its huge to decide which one to go for.

I have gone freak over taking pictures since a year with my Cell Phone camera, so thought to go one step ahead. I have tried to scale down to some specific models by surfing on the net and visiting the stores. The models I have selected till now are:

Canon Ixus 75 or 70
– Olympus mju820
– Nikon L15 or S51 or S500
– Sony w80

The basic criteria for my selection is as follows:
– **Good picture output **
– 6 Megapixel or higher
– 3x Optical Zoom (higher the better)
– Anti Blurr / Stabilisation / Face Detection Technologies (preferred)
– Handy to carry in pockets or bags (not very bulky)

Please help me deciding which one should I go for as the reviews I have read are a lot confusing . Also let me know recommendations for some other model, if any. I’m looking forward to spend ard £150.

Thanks ! !

i have a Kodak and it works, i think it is better then all of the ones up there but if you don’t want a Kodak then get whichever one you like the most, its Ur pick! good luck!
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Time Lapse of Canon Camera Gear going into my Think Tank Photo Bag.