Bag Case Blue

Bag Case Blue
French horn case? Marcus bonna, soundwear, reunion blues….?

Okay, I’m having trouble choosing a french horn case. If I had my way, I would buy a Marcus Bonna MB-2, but I can’t find anywhere to pirchase them on the internet.

The two I’m choosing between is the fixed bell soundwear bag and The reunion blues Leather Bag.

If anybody has any input on the matter, let me know.


From people I’ve talked to Bonna cases are very highly regarded. They are gig-bag portable but offer the protection of a Hard Case. I have an MB-2 that works great! Just buy some C-clamps to anchor the straps, those little claps can come loose (and did on my cheap gig bag!! which prompted me to get a better case–enter MB-2) I bought mine from Pope Repair, but other places such as “The horn Guys” sell them too, you just may have to wait a month or so, they are very popular and sell out fast. I can’t speak for Soundwear or Renion Blues, I’ve just never dealt with them.

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