Bag Case Olympus

Bag Case Olympus
how much can i sell my psp 300 with 5 UMD”S and 2 16GB Memory Stick Pro duo so it is equal to 32 GB?

any price you want(but not so cheap) it’s really new i just don’t like it anymore..i decided to sell it and buy something new!! it’s with 2 16 GB so it’s equal to 32GB memory Stick Pro Duo!! and 5 UMD’s including Final Fantasy VII:crisis core,,Grand theft auto:vice city stories,,God of war chains of olympus,,grand turismo 4 and silent hill:the origins (the memory sticks have some games but if you don’t like the game you can delete it!i’ve decide to sell my other UMD’s seperately!!

it also have complete accessories for free including ear phones w/ remote control,UMD case,psp strap,stand pouch,psp bag,usb,protective case(logitech) and’s color black!and really look new(i just bought it like days or weeks but i don’t play with it)

i will really appreciate your help!!maybe you are interested!hehe!!!really need to sell it as much as possible!ty!

Try eBay… If you are new, you might get around $175, if you already have an account that has good feedback, it should be worth at least $200… Wish you good luck!

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