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Bag Case Slim
Does this meal plan sound healthy to you?

I’ve been in a relationship for almost a year and a half with an awesome girl. Months after we got together she got a check-up and the doctors found out she had iron deficiency anemia. They told her she needed to take a pill everyday but I’m afraid that hasn’t been the case since then.

I’ve noticed that she doesn’t take in a lot of foods day to day and she’s been wanting to shed some pounds (18, tall and slim). I don’t like suggesting that she should take in more foods or that what she eats day to day is a bit lacking.

Here’s what she had today:
PB&J sandwich for brunch
Half a bag of chips with green tea at 6pm
And a side dish of two crushed potatoes with ketchup for dinner.
Later she’ll have a yogurt or some fruit if she’s hungry.

The intake is similar on other days but cereal with milk may be added to the mix. I’m posting here to get other opinions. Should I be concerned at all or am I making a big deal about nothing?

That’s a terrible diet. No wonder she’s anemic. She needs more protein, fruit ,veg and whole grains. Why doesn’t she take her iron pill? Once you’re diagnosed with iron deficient anemia, you need supplementation; dietary iron won’t be enough, even iron-supplemented cereal. If left untreated, the chronic lack of oxygen will make her heart work harder to compensate and lead to heart problems.

She’s starving herself, not taking the medication she needs, and you say she is slim. There’s an issue here. I hope you will talk to her, say you’re worried about her health, and ask her to take better care of herself.

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