Bag Digital Camera

Bag Digital Camera

Canon Powershot A550 Digital Camera


Canon’s A550 is an excellent camera with solid machine. Canon’s A550 with 7.1-megapixel performs very well. It delivers solid images and excellent performance; this is the key of success for Canon A550. The Canon A550s zoom is longer comparatively standard zoom and the pictures can be shot once every 1.7 seconds. A550 comes with little small LCD, but still its strong enough to pleased users. The Canon A550s overall quality is superb. According to its features and functions it deserves to be best. It’s not that small to slip into your jeans, but it can fit easily into most jacket pockets and bags. The A550’s overall quality and performance make it a good choice. The colors of the photographs clicked (outdoor) in the day time give very natural feel. The buttons on the camera is comfortable to use, and it gives a generous grip in hands. Regarding looks the Canon A550 sometimes looks like a mini Slr Camera. It’s a true manual settings control, which let you adjust the setting of image.

Some of the user’s complaint about camera is too slow; it’s due to call shutter lag. It’s basically between the time when the shutter button is pressed and when the camera actually snaps a picture. Also the involvement of flash, increase shutter lag happens more. It comes in L shape design, which is quite common in Canon’s Powers hot, and same with its batteries. While clicking the pictures sharpness levels in Canon A550 remains the same, with well balanced colors. The A550 also has image adjustment settings, which also include a 30fps VGA (640×480) movie mode. It is a solid choice which captures pictures with plenty of details. The Canon A550 is not that easy to use, it’s not difficult but if you want easy camera to use there are other options too. The A550 is a solid budget camera with good performance and pleasant photos. The PowerShot A550 is not the thinnest camera, but it feels comfortable in the hand.

Using Digital Zoom during videos gives pathetic results. So it’s recommended not to use digital zoom while making videos. The Canon A550 is not that easy to use, it’s not difficult but if you want easy camera to use there are other options too. With silver colour body, its dimensions are91.2 x 64.0 x 43.1mm and its weight is 160g. Some photos taken in indoor areas with automatic white balance gives yellow result, which is quite common in snapshot cameras. In bright light its glass viewfinder is very useful. At ISO 800 sensitivity, Images are predictably noisy. Mostly ISO 800 is for low-light and high-speed shooting. There is problem with larger LCD screen, its gets washed out when sun is on its peak. Video shooting gives decent result and its shoots at 30 frames per second.


The Canon Digital camera is the fulfillment of Canon’s innovative thinking and vision that mixes the best of photography and video features like never before.

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