Bag Fuji

Bag Fuji
One in the bag, two to go…history in the making?

With Lewis Hamilton’s win at Fuji, Alonso retiring the race out of the points, and Raikkonen finishing third, what do you think are Hamilton’s chances of taking the Driver’s Championship?
I will admit, I recorded the race, but couldn’t watch it. I checked the results a couple hours after race start and was pleasantly surprised to see Lewis had won. Then I was shocked to see Raikkonen in third and Alonso retired from the race–the first McClaren retirement of the entire season.

I have to do a charity run this morning, and then I’ll actually get a chance to watch the race.

Yeah,it seems only a miracle can take it away from him now…and miracles are so rare these days,but mind you,this is F1 we are talking about….

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