Bag Sony Cybershot

Bag Sony Cybershot

Camera 450D – Fantastic House

I ordered through Amazon, as it had the best price at the time, took a little longer than expected to reach more than 2 weeks.

Had increased Sony Cybershot 7.2MP one. Well you can not even compare the two. Since only ever owning a point and shoot camera now do not think I could use any thing but again a Digital Slr.

The camera comes with 18-55mm Canon lens, and the standard accessories included. This did not include a bag, and ordered canon semi Hard Case EH19 L 7dayshop for £ 27.99. Expensive, but quality. The only problem I could find is that the Case Fits the camera only with 18-55mm lens, so when I'm using the 55-250mm lens that I have to change the lens before you pack. Minor issue for me.

Kingston Technology Ordained 4GB Secure Digital High Capacity Card Class4 – get over 600 pictures in an environment of good quality (not directly).

After reading all comments others also ordered the Canon 55-250mm lens through Amazon. Not being a professional photographer I can only give a layman's view – the 18-55 is ideal for normal photos, but useless for the zoom. The 55-250mm is a telephoto lens, and the photos are magnificent. I tested it on numerous occasions for example, lords day watching cricket, and 55-250mm adds a new dimension to what you can take pictures. Taking pictures, one after the other highlights, and switching between the two lens', how can not really do with one or the other, we need both. I have read some comments about buying the camera alone, and not after getting the other 18-55mm and sorting but my math told me that the cost increase for the package offered was really meant that only paying around £ 45 more to achieve the objective than just the body. You can not get any lens of this price. If you want a specific lens for your individual circumstances and have more money to spend – go for it. If you are not really safe and will only do so because others recommended, think again.

The lens does not come with an extra bag, either – I asked for a lower pro 1N through 7dayshop for £ 10. It fits perfectly, I had read that I must get the 1W – no good – it's too big. I know many people backpacks order especially for their cameras – this does not suit me – I want to be able to pack my camera away, not to bring a whole bag just for the camera.

Back to the camera – I'm learning all kinds of new things. There are different pre-set modes that cover most scenarios, but as you read through the huge manual to learn slowly more advanced techniques and begin using the manual mode in which to make their own decisions of the various settings. I have a long way to go, but anyone can see what a large difference in the camera has made the quality of the photos I'm taking now. Honestly, I can not provide any information about faults or problems, I have not found any.

This camera is great quality, good accessories is available, the picture is impressive, and the willingness to learn to use all functions that will increase your knowledge of photography by a huge amount. Highly recommended.

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