Bag Sony Dsc

Bag Sony Dsc
How much can I get if I sell my Digital Camera with broken LCD?

I have a Sony Dsc-w50 digital camera. I brought it with me to school and the LCD cracked when i dropped my bag somehow. I’m thinking about selling it on ebay since i know the cost fot the replacement is really high. But i wonder how much can i get from it. The camera is in perfect shape and working fine. Only the LCD cracked.
If not, is there a camera shop that can fix my LCD except sony?

Damaged cameras go for very little on eBay, but some camera-only retail locations also have repair services available. It may be worth checking out, the repair service may be less if it’s done in-house and you also don’t have to worry about shipping the camera to/back from Sony.

What’s in your shooting bag?