Batteries Casio Exilim

Batteries Casio Exilim

Xsi Rebel – Great Camera, Weird Quirks

Ok. This is my first SLR so you’ll have to forgive the amateurist way I see things. Overall, this is a great camera. Being a newbie, this was well priced and as easy to use as point and shoot. The pictures come out great even with low light. It really puts the Casio Exilim I have to shame. I definitely recommend this to everyone but there is a downside to this.

1) Unlike modern point and shoots, this can’t record video. Not really a big deal but it’s a nice feature to have while on vacation.
2) It took me a very long time to figure out how to get the camera to work in live view mode (use the screen to shoot). Considering it was one of the bigger selling points, it was weird it was so hard to figure out.
3) Focus in live view mode isn’t by holding down the shoot button 1/2 way but you have to push another button instead. Weird.
4) Live view mode doesn’t work in automatic modes. Like I said. Kind of weird.
5) When traveling, it’s REALLY big. I do mean REALLY big to carry around. I didn’t realize it would be so cumbersome to carry but seriously the advantages of having great clear shots outweighs the man purse you have to lug around.

When buying this camera, I do suggest a couple additional items.
1) UV haze filter. For $7, it would protect the camera lense from being scratched.
2) Lcd Screen Protector. With such a large screen, don’t get it scratched.
3) LensePen to keep the camera clean.
4) Holster Bag to carry the camera and all the toys
5) Extra battery. This battery lasts forever but you’ll need another one eventually.
6) If you like putting yourself in the shots, buy yourself a tripod and a remote control.

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