Battery Black Pink

Battery Black Pink
How do you charge a PowerWheel battery?

I bought my daughter a Pink Harley PowerWheel last Spring. My now ex and I lived together and the garage was his domain so he always charged the thing up and such. Well last night I dug the thing out for the first time since last summer the bike is still running fine but I don’t know how to charge it. And since I recently moved I can’t find the owners manual. Under the seat there are 4 black plugs that all snap together, the plugs are attached to cords that are hooked to the battery. I unsnapped the 4 plugs, but my extension cord does not fit into any of those 4 plugs opening. Does anybody on here know where or how to plug it in to charge?

You need to have an external charger that will plug in to the wall AC and then in to the battery connector.

You can get the instructions for doing this and you can purchase a replacement charger at the Fisher Price Web Site:

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