Battery Camera Case

Battery Camera Case
Best case for the Nikon P80?

We bought my ‘early’ Christmas present the other day. I got a new camera. The sales guy had a case at the register, and told me it was the best one they had for the price…for this particular camera. Anyhow; after getting home…and trying to put my new camera in the ‘new’ case; I realized nothing fits. The camera fits great in the slot for the camera, but none of the cords fit in the case. This particular camera has a rechargeable battery, and I’d think I’d want to be able to fit the battery charger in the case…right? Along with the other cords so that they don’t get misplaced, etc.

Is it odd for me to want a Camera Case to hold…everything?

Its not odd at all for a bag to hold everything.
I have three bags.
One is a backpack
One is a Shoulder Bag
The third is an event bag that carries two dslr cameras, flashes, chargers, lenses, etc.

go to for different bags. They have great prices.
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iphone Case with Extra Battery and Camera Light