Battery Canon Elura

Battery Canon Elura
Solution for camcorder battery chargers. Different models need different chargers. Need single charger for all

I have two questions.

1. Canon Elura 100: I need a spare battery and charger for Canon Elura 100. Can you suggest a website where I can get something reliable and cheap. I want to use a Generic brand. Canon BP – 208 is the model number for the original.

2. Every camcorder have different designs. Is there a way I can use a single charger to charge them all? I have seen some like that, but don’t know where to find.


I’ve had good luck with eBay seller for rechargeable batteries for my camcorder and Digital Cameras. I’ve also had good experiences with online retailers:

Here’s a “universal” battery charger:
but be sure to verify that you have a compatible battery.

Elura 100 Sound Test