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Camcorders Questions & Answers

Does the JVC Video Camera (GRD370US) support analog-to-digital signal conversion?
Does the JVC video camera (GRD370US) support analog-to-digital signal conversion? Here’s a link to the camera if needed:…

Does the sony experia have a front camera to clear video call?
1.release date? 2.will sony release a xperia model with 5 meg camera and compatible near memorystick pro duo?(instead of micro sd)

Downloading home video to computer?
how do i download a home video (its on a dvd) to my apple computer? i would like to distribute it in to americas funniest home video but i cant figure out how to download it so that i can repress the video so that its just the funny bit and not the other full 3 hours of the vid.

DVD Camcorder?
When you have a dvd camcorder, can you rewind and start tape again, like beside the minidv camcorders? It would be like overwriting the DVD

DXG 5.1 MP DXG506VB MPEG-4 Digital Camcorder How To Put Music On It?
my dad got this camcorder for me on my b-day but i can’t find out how to out music on it support!! P.S. it’s a DXG 5.1 MP DXG506VB MPEG-4 Digital Camcorder

Editing Sony Handycam?
i desperately need to bowdlerize film from my sony handy cam. i installed the software that come with the camcorder but it say it has an error. are near any other free programs i could use

Extract files from mini dvd-rw short finalizing it. Is it possible?
Hi, everyone, I have a DVD video camera and it collection videos on DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM. Is it possible to capture the videos from the discs on my computer minus finalizing those discs? Maybe there is some form of a program or stuff like that… Thank you

Firewire to USB cord?
I bought a firewire IEEE 1394 to USB cord on eBay and i plugged it into my CPU. The camcorder says “Dv In” so i know that it is connected but when i try to introduction the videos to Windows Movie Maker, it say that no device is detected. Also my Cpu doesn’t have a firewire inputs. Do i stipulation to buy a firewire card, or is there some channel to get this to work?

Please help me on this one. I hold a camcorder. I have a firewire cable. My computer doesn’t hold a firewire port. (My old computer used to, but I don’t own that anymore) So I bought this thing that connects IEEE1394 to USB 2.0. The computer say the USB is ‘malfunctioning’. What do I do? Should I just walk to Best Buy and buy another wire that connects IEEE1394 to USB 2.0? I’m not pious with vent up the computer to install firewire ports x_x

Flip video recorder?
does any one know how to get words close to that blue screen next to words on flip videos im have difficulties and can’t figure it out

Flip Video??
i want to get a video camera and i be thinking about getting the flip video…. its the solely video camera i know of and i want to know if it is a good recorder……

For a JVC camera I requirement a s-video to mini USB nouns to copy home DVD to a DV video. Where can I achieve this?
Like mentioned above, I want to take home video DVDs and verbs them to mini DV tapes. For that to come about I need a 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable, which I hold, A/V cables, which I hold, and a s-video connection. However, my camera does not hold a s-video port. It has four ports: firewire, AV cable, charger, and a mini USB. So I need a mini USB to s-video nouns, and I can not find it anywhere so I am wondering if they even make it. If anyone can aid me out I would appreciate it.

From video camera to computer!!?
I have tried to plug my video camera (digital, mini DVD) into my computer, and hold tried a finalized DVD. I can’t download it on my computer, all it will do is play the footage. How do I grasp it onto my computer?

FujiFilm- FinePix A805?
I recently get this new camara at walmart and i record some things, i wanted to stifle the videos beside windows movie initiator but it said that they werent compatible. What type of file format is this camara? What type of software would be suitable to edit these video? Thanks!

Getting a video from my camera to my computer?
i’m using a digital 8 steadshot USB streaming camcorder and i’m looking for the menu option that enable USB streaming so i can plug it in and go and get it to windows movie architect for a project that’s due wedneday. where’s this option? and how will i find the camera and cartridge once i get it plugged surrounded by and into the movie maker? thankfulness so much.!

Getting PornHub Videos on my PC as FLV?
how do i rip videos past its sell-by date of onto my pc approaching as a Flash video file (FLV) i can do this for youtube but have need of a link to a ripper/ site that works to do pornhub or do i enjoy to freak this another way! on youtube i of late use this video ripper site that you paste the html code into the pole and it saves as to your comp

Getting Sony Vegas?
I really like editing movies and video, and I really required to get Sony Vegas 6, 7, or 8. I don’t hold much money so I can’t afford it. Is there any secure way I can attain it online for free? Thanks for your help.

Good camcorder?
I need a moral quality camcorder (WITH SOUND) that have a long battery time and costs less than $500. Possible?

Good MiniDV Camcorder?
I only own $350, and I want a good MiniDV beside all features that can pick up everything within Disneyland and Disneyworld. Any ideas?

Good program for movie editing home movies (windows vista)?
so i have an HD panasonic video camera and want to take home my own movies. however i do not know any good programs for window vista that would allow me to edit my footage. 200 is my max (seeing how i’m still surrounded by school). thx for the help.

Good Real Looking Video: Is it within the camera or the editing?
So I am torn whether I should buy a high definition camcorder (like $1000) or basically use editing in a program resembling vegas or premire/after effects. my goal is to hold good looking music video part (cinematic) what is most important a assassin camera or can a software program desaurate the film to produce it look good close to real show good opinion please i am just starting out and i want to know what to upgrade first my $300 dvd cam or my software which im going to do anyway explanation im on wmm 5.1

Having trouble getting video from my Sony Digital 8 to the computer?
I have a sony digital 8 camcorder and when i plug within the chord to my computer it doesn’t recognize it and accordingly i cant upload the video.

Having trouble uploading video!?
I can’t seem to find any program that will upload video from my sony DCR-PC9 NTSC. Can anyone give a hand me?

HDR-SR11 60GB High?
How good is this Camera? Does it own good pixals and ClearVid so it would be clearer When i upload it on Youtube? Is it compatible next to a Mac?

Help beside camcorder g shot dv1210?
iv had this camera since christmas and we still cant work out or find any info on how to turn the desk light on,thats on the front of camera,iv looked in the brochure and online but cant find anything,can someone please help.

Help beside camcorder video?
How do I put my camera tapes onto my computer. I know how to do it near my new tape, but i don’t know how with my elder tapes similar to from the 80s and 90s.

Help I obligation to see mpeg video!?
I have lately downloaded a couple videos from my Sony Hdd Dcr-SR80 camcorder. They be made in an MPEG directory format, but my computer will not play them. I have tried using window media player, quicktime and itunes, but it still doesn’t work.

Help me pick a video camera?
Whats the best camera I can get for a maximum of $300 on eBay? I’m looking for a camera that take high aspect videos.

HELP me!!?
What the best hdd camcorder to get i hold around lb300 to spend, preferebly id similar to a 40 gb memory. I was looking at the panasonic SDR-H40. Any thought what its like. Please i would similar to some help.

Help near video camera!?
Just right after charge up my video camera and start taping something it shuts sour after 30 mins. why is that? According to my camera it’s supposed to record up to an hour I have an idea that. I let it charge until it stops blinking, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

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