Battery Charger Fit

Battery Charger Fit
charge laptop battery with charger with lower voltage?

Can i charge my 19.6 V Lithium Ion Battery with a 12 V charger? The charger fits, and when i plug the 12 V in and press the power button, the processor light lights up for a second

No. If you try to do so, you will not get a full charge in the battery., and the battery will only last for a fraction of the length of time that it should. Rechargeable batteries have a tendency to adjust their capacity to the charge given, and so over time, the battery itself would likely deteriorate and be unable to provide the full charge even when used with the proper charger later.

The lights are just an indicator that they are receiving power – they do not determine if the voltage that they are receiving is correct.

Use only the chargers which are designed for that specific purpose / product for both perform,ance and safety of the product.

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