Battery Charger Fits

Battery Charger Fits
Can I use a 9 volt charger for a 6 volt battery?

It’s for my daughter’s power motorcycle. We don’t know whatever happened to the original 6 volt charger, but I have a 9 volt charger that fits and the plug and wanted to know if it’s safe to use and will it work.

Serious answers only! Thanks in advance!!! 😀

serious answer…. the serioous answer is that you will be over charging and the battery will overheat, it could swell (this is bad!) or it could just burst into flames (this is very bad).

Always use the correct charger!

If you have a Car Battery Charger, and it has a setting for 6v low maint battery – like for a golf cart – you can use this on the AUTO setting for 6v.

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