Battery Charger Hitachi

Battery Charger Hitachi
What’s the country of origin of my Hitachi handycam?

I have Hitachi DVD Video Camera/Recorder.
Model: DZ-MV730E(PAL)

I have to know the country of origin of the camera but I am getting confused with this.

On the box it is written :

Hitachi, Ltd. Tokyo Japan
Made in Japan

But on the battery charger it is written ‘Made in China’.

On top of all, on the camera it is written:

Place of Manufacture: P

Just a P!!

Could someone just tell me what is the real country of origin of this camera?

Ok. Tokyo, Japan would be the place the final product came from. The battery charger was made in China. As for the place of manufacture, you might have to email the support team at Hitachi Ltd. They should be able to give you the correct place.

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