Battery Charger Sharp

Battery Charger Sharp
What is wrong with my DS Phat?

One day I happened to try to turn on my DS and it turned on and the little green light at the bottom turned on then instantly turned off. So I tried it again, same thing happened. Then I plugged my charger in and the Orange light came on for about half a second. And when I tried turning on my DS at the same time I plug in the charger it sometimes makes a sharp squeaky sound. Any tech savvy people that can help? I’ve tried replacing the battery, taking out the games from the slots and I’ve tried charging it nothing worked.

hey man i had the same problem with my ds phat and now if u keep trying, it will not even show the light.Im stuck with you and i dont know what to do =.I think there is a thing you can do were you open up the ds and use a screwdriver and change the fuse or something ???
look at this site and you will be able to fix =D

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