Battery Charger Stylus

Battery Charger Stylus
Can the Olympus Stylus 1010 be charged with the USB port?

Alright, So I just bought this amazing Camera, I was so excited when it finally got to my house.
I opened up all the packaging was very carful and proceeded to plug the wall charger unit into the wall and then insert the battery, The charger was defective.
So I called Olympus and all they gave me was a bunch of talk.
So I wanted to know that if you plug it into your computer and let it sit will the battery charge?
I noticed that after it was on the USB port for about 10 minutes the camera could turn on and i set the date and time and Initial settings.
So you think this was the USB port charging it, or just the tiny bit of battery life the battery had on it?

As with most cameras, the USB port is only for data transfer. Your battery might have had some residual power left. Contact Olympus to send you a new charger, or take it back to the store where you bought or contact the online store where you bought it, and see what they can do about replacing the defective charger.