Battery Fit Minolta

Battery Fit Minolta

Leica Compact Digital Cameras

The latest Leica mini Digital Camera offered by Minox can make an ideal choice which perfectly combines classical vintage style and outstanding technology in just one unit. The compact and stylish digital camera features a commanding 32 megabytes internal memory, 1.5 inch color display, 5 mega-pixels resolution and around 2 GB space for storage on SD cards to help photographers take images in the best quality.

In 2004 the M Leica became the longest lasting 35mm camera making it the ‘daddy’ of them all. Nikon F lasted 15 years before being totally redesigned and the Rollie made 30 years plus. Ok, one more!! The Exacta saw 38 years but to reach a 50th celebration must mean that Leica has a winner on its hands.

The Leica digital camera reviews will include the C-LUX 2, which runs about $450. This camera has 7.2 megapixels with three times optical zoom. This camera is very similar to Panasonics DMC- FX30. It is a very easy-to-use camera is lightweight, compact and has image stabilization. The only downfall to this camera is it uses a custom Liton battery, which could cost you some money if you need to replace it.

This camera does not need a viewfinder because it offers a two and a half inch viewing screen so you can see exactly what you are shooting.

As for quality, this may be a bit easier to rank. At the top would be Leica, followed by Panasonic, Minolta, Olympus, Yashica, Practika, Pentacon, Fuji, and Zeiss. There are several other brands, and just because they are not on this list does not mean they are bad brands. In fact, in this time there is really no such thing as “bad camera brand”, but there are just certain brands that really shine.

Now if you want to bend just a bit, and you’d like to explore those later M series cameras, you can probably get a 1960-ish Leica M2 with a superb Submicron 50mm f2 lens somewhere in the $500-$600 range. All the same thoughts apply in regards to condition, etc. The biggest advantage of the M series over the old screw mount series is that if your fiance’ eventually wants to get a modern Leica (for work AND pleasure), any lenses he already has with the M2 would be interchangeable with the later camera.

Affordability may not be the first thing in the minds of true photography buffs. But, if comparable features are provided then, it is natural that the more affordable camera will be picked. This is what is tapped by the latest Pentax-k7 which is a greatly affordable Dslr Camera which poses serious threat to Nikon and Canon in the DSLR scene. Compared to bulky DSLRs like Nikon D300 and Olympus E-3, the pentax-k7 is a small, compact and light DSLR in the market.

So, with all these excellent features, this latest offers a detail setting and the best quality images to anyone looking to capture perfect images. The CCD imaging sensor of this digital camera was specially created to fit the settings of the entire series and due to this the resolution of 5 mega-pixels is magnificent. This latest CCD technology helps in reducing the noise considerably making the photographer to get excellent quality photos. Overall, the Leica Mini Digital camera is entirely covered with all the necessary features making this camera the best choice for everyone.

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