Battery Fit Pentax

Battery Fit Pentax
What kind of batteries does my Pentax ME Super need? … ?

I have a Pentax ME SUPER camera. The batteries that have been in it forever needed to be replaced, so I bought 2 Energizer brand watch/electronic batteries, with the numbers 357/303 on the package. The back says they are silver oxide.

I put them in the camera, they seem to fit fine, etc. However, the LED light meter is not going on when I try to take a picture… Are these batteries incompatible with my camera? The old manual I have says that the camera takes alkaline batteries, but the manual is from 1980-something, so I’m not sure how technology might have changed since then. I’m no expert on battery-science… or my camera for that matter unfortunately… Please help – I want to use my ME Super again!

Thank you!

I just checked, and I have the same batteries in my ME Super. They came in a 3 pack, and the package said they were compatible with the original LR44 batteries. Are you sure you have them in right? The + side (the big flat side) goes in towards the camera. Are you pulling out the rewind lever? That turns on the meter when you first start.
Goood Luck