Battery Fits Canon

Battery Fits Canon
Which camera would be the better choice: Nikon P6000 vs. Canon G10?

So far I am kind of leaning towards the Canon.
I know that the Canon has about 1.2 more megapixels than the Nikon, but that’s not really something I’m concerned about… One of the bigger differences I noticed was the battery life (the Canon’s battery life was better).
Also, another question: Does the Canon G10 easily fit into a pocket?
Thanks in advance!

Short answer: Canon G10.

G10 by far is an overall better camera than the Nikon P6000, in just about everything.

But Do consider the G11 if it’s within your budget, it replaces the G10, and uses a lower megapixel sensor (10mp) and the picture quality from the camera is better due to higher quality pixels. Everything else seems to be the same.

The only reason you’d want a Nikon P6000 is it’s pocketable size, the G10 won’t fit any pocket except baggy pants pocket and coat pocket, it’s that big. And also the vivid/punchy color P6000 produces (okay make that 2 reasons) but that is subjective, and can be altered in the settings of both camera.

CANON LEGRIA FS200 TEST (16:9) widescreen