Battery Hold Charge

Battery Hold Charge
Why won’t my Camera Battery hold a charge?

I have an Olympus FE-230 Digital Camera that I’ve had for only about a year. It doesn’t have actual camera batteries, but one battery that came with the camera itself that is flat and rectangular. It’s supposed to only take several hours to charge and over the past few months the charge time has gotten longer and longer to the point where 24 hours is no longer enough time. Now I find it wont hold a charge at all. The inside of the camera is clean. Did the battery just die? Can you buy a replacement? If so, where?

The battery seems to have died. You can buy a replacement, but the cost may be fairly high. Hope the following will help.

In new cameras, look for a viewfinder (LCD invisible in bright sun), optical image stabilizer, and check battery prices. High mega pixel settings take longer to process and may not be needed unless required for very large pictures. Maximum print size for a 3 mega pixel setting is 8 x 10 inches. Click links below for more details. … …

The Canon A590IS is a slightly older model that is available everywhere at great sale prices. Think it is a great camera and a best buy. It has auto focus, a viewfinder, optical image stabilization, and uses rechargeable NiMH batteries. … …

The batteries mentioned below are new formula NiMH batteries that will hold charge for one year when not used. Also, 2000mAh batteries seem to have a longer life. Did not like them at first, but have 12 of these batteries that are over five years old and are still as good as new. Higher mAh batteries still work well in flashlights, but won’t start my camera.

A friend asked me to clean and charge her new 2000mAh Duracell batteries as described in the last link. Those batteries are still going strong after four months of casual use and haven’t been recharged.

Click this link for complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

Camera reports batteries low, but is it low charge or bad electrical contacts? Overcharging can ruin good batteries! The secret to making Digital Cameras work better is having good electrical contacts between batteries and camera.

CAUTION Do not overcharge! Batteries can be damaged. Use an automatic two or more hour Energizer Compact smart charger with temperature monitor, trickle charge technology, and safety timer ($9.76) at Walmart. Use pre-charged 2000mAh Duracell ($12.97) or RayOVac ($5.97) batteries (hold charge one year) and a full cycle charge. To preserve battery charge, use the viewfinder.

NiMH batteries should be recharged when camera reports batteries low. Old batteries can discharge over night, but may provide normal service immediately after being charged. Battery pairs no longer usable in cameras may work well in flashlights. Do not drop batteries on a hard surface or allow voltage below one volt to prevent polarity reversal.

CAUTION To prevent memory card corruption, keep batteries charged and don’t delete. Wait for lights to stop flashing then turn camera off before removing memory. For card readers, double click Safely Remove Hardware. Select, then click Stop and OK.

Never touch battery ends or camera electrical contacts. Oil from fingers will contaminate contacts. Use batteries in matched pairs of same brand and rating. Do not mix old and new batteries. New will only do as well as old.

Digital cameras reset to original settings if batteries are removed for one minute. Time varies with function/camera. Check display/setup menu for non-auto functions and date/time. Remove extra memory to eliminate this as a possible problem. Insert fully charged/cleaned batteries and restart camera. The ultimate non-physical repair for software-using devices is reset by removing power … VCR/DVD players one month.

Click this link for other camera tips and complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts.

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