Battery Kodak Klic

Battery Kodak Klic
KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery KLIC-8000?

I have a Kodak Easy Share Z712 IS camera. I was looking for the rechargeable battery for it, and I found it, but i was curious if you needed the charger to charge the camera, or if you could just use the chord you use to download pictures onto the computer and charge it through your computer. I have no use to get two of the batteries and keep replacing them, and don’t really need a charger if you don’t need it.
If anyone knows, could they please help me out with that.

I don’t think so… but I can’t say for 100% certain either. However, it is easy to check. Just drain your battery and then try and charge via the USB as you suggested. If it works, great. If not, no harm done, right?

456 KLIC-7001 Battery For Kodak[wismencoder Encoded].avi